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    European subtitutes for NEIPA hops?

    For NEIPA hotside whirlpool hops the best bang for the buck is Brewers Gold, it has the most Geraniol out of any hop (yeast converts to citronellol = citrusy), its grown in France by Charles Faram and is only £3.95 per 100g from Crossmyloof. For dry hop I like to use a fresh bag of whatever...
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    Geraniol/Linalool in UK hops?

    Ok so high geraniol, low linalool cheap hops in the whirlpool (below 80C, shortish time). Expensive high myrcene (post-ferment, yeast removed, very cold) dry hop for 1 day. Got it!
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    Keg hopping with floating dip tube

    those cylindrical steel hop containers have holes in the top so hops get out anyway, you might as well free hop and get more utilisation with your hops free to float around (give it a swirl whenever you can) and since you have a floating dip tube at cold temps the hops will be compacted on the...
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    Getting a seal on cooler mash tun

    He has to use teflon tape because he's using a threaded nipple fitting where the liquid will travel along the threads and there's nothing to block it. I hate having to change teflon every brew. Has anyone tried a barrel nipple or bulkhead fitting?
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    The mystery of Galaxy hops and harshness

    My tonge has the Galaxy curse. I can taste the woody polyphenols at very low ppm. Whereas the exact same beer other people taste it as tropical juice, crazy. Fortunately eating salt blocks my taste buds and at least the beer can be finished. Not every Galaxy beer can cause it though, so perhaps...
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    Getting a seal on cooler mash tun

    Anyone found a fitting like this in the UK?
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    Off Flavor after Dry Hopping?

    "Dry hopping is another common way of introducing oxygen to a beer. Some brewers take the trade-off in some aroma loss in order to dry hop during active fermentation, and thus have the yeast “scrub” the oxygen away." I lost so many brews to oxidation...
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    NE IPA Dry Yeast

    M15 has been great, it's fruity and no lag which is essential for successful biotransformation haze (malt proteins still in suspension, dry hops, and active fermentation). Only issue is it stalls at 1020 for few days when you may think it has finished.
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    NEIPA Grain Bill to achieve Opaque Pale Yellow

    In my experience with this style is that you need 3 things to get the biotransformation extra hazy almost solid haze: Trub proteins in solution Dry hops Active fermentation If you use fining agent then there are no proteins in solution. If your fermentation start lags then the proteins will...
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    oxidation problems when dry hopping

    My problem was I didn’t have a mesh filter over the syphon inside the fermentor so some hop matter got in the bottles and ruined it.
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    Bad Aftertaste-What am I doing wrong?

    Same here, horrible woody/tannin/astringent/vegetable after taste. Split my NEIPA batch at fermentation into 1 gallon vessels and the issue only occurred in the dry-hopped version. 10 days fermenting then 4 days dry hopped with 20g citra no bag. Bottle conditioned, bottles filled to brim to...
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    massive acetaldehyde from bottle conditioning, can I still reuse yeast from the batch

    Might not have been acetaldehyde might have been strong esters which happens with Conan at too high temps, the fruitiness was so powerful in my case it was verging on acetone. I reused the yeast from this batch and the gen 2 beer without using a high temp was fine. The reason for the high temp...
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    NE IPA Dry Yeast

    One thing to consider is Kimmich says 1st gen doesn't have the peachy tropical aroma but 2 through 10 do. So when they get to gen 6 the re-order the yeast, from whoever their supplier is be it dried or liquid. Say they are using Nottingham and their supplier is Lallemand who are in on it then...
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    oxidation problems when dry hopping

    I think we've established the larger than usual amount of raw dry-hop particulate goes off because of contact with air, just like a cut apple exposed to air does. The question is how to prevent air at the bottling stage? Is it the auto-syphon that is bubbling in air or is it just the air in...
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    Cannot overcome my Hazy IPA oxidation problem!!

    Here is an interesting tip to prevent the bottle oxidation causing the browning. Use plastic bottles and first fill with normal head room, then squeeze so beer comes to top and put cap on, then as carbonates the CO2 will fill the head room. Found here: Haven't tried with NEIPA yet.