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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    From the humble yet honorable start as US Army Grunt, turned Combat Medic . . . moving on in civilian life to concrete construction . . . back into the medical field as a nursing assistant, then to medical records specialist . . . crossover to computer specialist (how did I get there?), onto...
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    Melted Heating Element

    I have one of these in my 8 gallon kettle that provides assistance to my induction cooktop in boiling. I've used it in many brew sessions over the past year, and had no issues whatsoever. It is stainless steel resistored, and LWD.
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    What is a SWMBO?

    Settle With My Best Option
  4. mainiac

    What is a SWMBO?

    She Was My Bitch Orginally (don't tell her I said that)
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    What is a SWMBO?

    She Wishes My Butt Obstructed
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    What is a SWMBO?

    She Wants My Big Organ
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    What is a SWMBO?

    She Will Make Beatings Orgasmic
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    Copper/Steel Galvanic Corrosion

    I am actually taking a similar approach on the brewing system that I myself am building. The nobility of copper and passive SS are both high (they are right next to each other on the galvanic scale), so I do not believe that they would be likely to react with each other. I am not a...
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    24 hours and still waiting for fermentation

    Did you make a starter, or just pitch directly from the vial? EDIT: Psylo beat me to it.
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    POS Hydrometer

    The stem looks far off to one side . . . is the bulb perhaps adhering to/dragging on the side of the test tube? Try using a test vessel with a wider diameter so that it can float more freely and lessen the chance of contacting the vessel walls.
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    Watermelon Wheat

    Are you trolling? Just because you experience a personal failure with a particular ingredient doesn't mean it is unsuitable for making a beer. I have made three batches of raspberry wheat beer, and every one has turned out delicious, and so I will continue to make it. Everyone I have shared...
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    Watermelon Wheat

    Raspberry makes an excellent fruit beer. I just started drinking a batch I brewed about 6 weeks ago. I used 3lbs of Raspberries added after the first week of primary in a 5 gallon batch of a standard American wheat beer. Let that sit for 3 more weeks and then bottled it. Delicious! I've done...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2015?

    +5 Honey Lemon Wheat +5 Limey Wheat +5 Raspberry Wheat =19,277