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    Penguin Chiller Temp Problem

    Having problem dropping my fermenter temp. Spike 8 gal conical. 5 gal batch of Heffe. Insulated with 3 ft of insulated hose between fermenter and chiller. Room temp is a steady 70f Chiller holds temp currently at 32f Fermenter has been sitting at 40f for 30 + hrs Have pulled pump and...
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    Bumping up to 5.5 or 6 gal to achieve 5 gal batch

    Need to increase batch size to make up for accumulated loss during boiling and fermenting in conical. Need to start with 6+ gal to end up with 5. Brewing extract outside during the fall and winter months Can or should I add extra DME to maintain body and ABV
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    Has anyone found a place to buy reasonably priced glycol?

    Has anyone found a place to buy reasonably priced glycol. ? Is it necessary to be food grade?
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    Fill level on screw caps?

    How much head space should I leave on my 750 screw cap bottles.? Also on new bottles. Do they need a soak in a cleaner or just a rinse and spray with star san?
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    Regarding New S.S. Fermenters

    Is there any treatment for the fermenter required before the insulating cover is installed? Will surface damage occur if moisture gets behind cover during rinsing etc?
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    Picking Out a Chest Freezer

    In the process you describe are you working on ales or lagers. Whats your ambient temp. Im going to try the same next week. Just wondering what to expect. Room temp is 68 year round, my summer h20 temp is 48 and Ill be fermenting with ale yeast. Thanks for any opinions. I do have all the...
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    Im using ice water for my cooling coil in a CF5. Any thoughts on whats best. A 10 gal Igloo type water cooler or a regular 52 qt ice chest.

    Im using an ice water bathe for my cooling coil in a CF5. Any thoughts on whats best for staying cold. A 10 gal vertical type Igloo water cooler or a regular 48-52 quart ice chest.?
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    After 35 yrs of brewing , I'm ready to move up to a SS fermenter.

    Seriously looking at the Spike Flex Plus or the CF-5 Including all accessories needed the CF isn't that much more. Thoughts on being able do dump the yeast , ease of hand cleaning etc. The Flex will fit in my sink while the CF will have to be wheeled outside. Its a one shot deal. Im...