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  1. MadViking

    yet another Sanke Fermenter Build..

    I like this. I'm in the process of make a sanke fermenter as well and what I'm doing for the top (er...bottom of the keg!) is I bought a 8" SS triclamp ferrule with a blank cap. A hole is cut to size and the ferrule is welded to the bottom. Nice and clean. The blank cap can be drilled and...
  2. MadViking

    Hop Quesadilla

    Why not install a grant in the system before the pump. A small, 1 qt - 1 gallon, stainless pot with a wort in and wort out to pump would allow the pump to have a source of wort without cavitating the pump until the bitter:rolleyes: end. It could be controlled automatically with a float switch...
  3. MadViking

    am I overloading my 15 amp breaker

    Doing some quick math in my head and it looks like adding the second freezer will throw you over the top. You only want to go to a max of 80% which would be 12 amps on a 15 amp circuit. The breaker is supposed to trip on an overload, but do you really want to rely on that? If it doesn't trip...
  4. MadViking

    Sourcing parts and other options

    Your house will have a ground at the panel. When you run power for your system, you will run 2 hot wires (from the circuit breaker you will be installing, black or red in color), 1 neutral wire (from the neutral buss, white in color or black with white tape) and 1 ground wire (from the...
  5. MadViking


    Two cents taken, I can get a second Brewtroller board and repurpose it to run the fermentation. Perfect! As for protecting the heating elements. I work with waste heat boilers that produce 600# steam. The equipment is protected by low level and low-low level sensors. I was going to have a...
  6. MadViking


    I thought it wouldn't work for fermentation control, but I had to ask. As for the Fermtroller, where does a person find one? The Brewtroller website shows only a firmware release and OSCS's doesn't have a Fermtroller board. I have an Arduino Uno board at home that I could use as a fermenter...
  7. MadViking


    I'm at work right now and it's 2:30am, so my mind is wandering a bit and my train of thought is derailing. A couple of other items I forgot about. First, I will have a mash mixer with a motor from an ice cream mixer. I only want to have the mash mixer running when the mash is being heated...
  8. MadViking


    Thanks pickles for the offer. I appreciate it. The core of my system will be a boiler for heating the mash and brew kettle with steam. Along with the boiler, mash tun and brew kettle I will have a HLT to heat the water for the sparge. I got to thinking about it a little more and I...
  9. MadViking


    I haven't gotten all of the items sorted out that I need. I did look at the Blackheart Brewery site and that looks great. That's the sort of control panel I plan on building. I will probably contact those guys with any questions that I might have.
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    Say, is there anyone familiar with the Brewtroller that could help guide me in the right direction. I just want to know what I should be purchasing for my control box. I have a pretty good idea, I think :confused:, though a thumbs up or thumbs down from a skilled practioner would be hugely...
  11. MadViking

    Electric Rig complete. Video link.

    That pigtail looks to be a nozzle for the end of a water line. We use these where I work in one of the vessels when it goes through a wash cycle every 36 hours. You can also see them on fire sprinkler systems.
  12. MadViking

    wiring help

    Looks good to me.
  13. MadViking

    suggest a book to teach me about electrical work

    To begin, electricity is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing or are careless about it. Household electricity is silent and quick. In the right situation, you can get "hung up" on the lines which causes your muscles to constrict which in turn makes you hold onto whatever was...
  14. MadViking

    Making a mash tun

    I think the ridge will have little to no effect on your sparge. You shouldn't worry about it at all.
  15. MadViking

    Level Control Sensor

    That's an EXPENSIVE sensor. Why not try something like this instead: It's a lot cheaper and can do the same thing.