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  1. MadLuke

    Using kviek in an ipa

    Hey. I want to revive this thread with a question. Thinking of brewing my first NEIPA and my first Kveik beer at the same time... but... I keep reading about the importance of adding a ton of hops during the peak fermentation to get the biotransformation. At the same time, heard Kveik can be...
  2. MadLuke

    100% Malted Corn Lager, Double Decoction Mash

    This is an exciting post. Kinda like a reality TV, except the star is not brain dead and the story is interesting. How did it end up?
  3. MadLuke

    Coffee beans or coffee malt for coffee flavor?

    I used coffee once. Cold-steeped 60 g in around 0.5 l for 2 nights, then strained, quicky brought it to boil to sterilize and then into +- 21l batch. Plus f***ton of dark malts. Has really nice coffee edge compared to other stouts where I use f... of dark malts. I would pay attention to the...
  4. MadLuke

    Milk, toast and honey beer - beer to fit a song

    Hey, Thanks for the ideas. Now looking back at my idea, including coffee into this is might be going a step too far. Let's scratch that idea. Yeah, the grain bill sounds sensible. I don't have any experience with backsweeting, though. Might be an interesting thing to explore. On the bready...
  5. MadLuke

    Milk, toast and honey beer - beer to fit a song

    Right, I have realised that a monologue might not quite promote a reaction... So, two questions? Anyone has experienced with something similar and better / different ways to turn this idea into a beer? Also, are some of my ideas ********? Cheers
  6. MadLuke

    Milk, toast and honey beer - beer to fit a song

    Hi folks. Just wanted to share my thoughts, get some inspiration, and maybe inspire someone. Last weekend I went on a nostalgic wave a bit and came across this old song Milk and toast and honey . First, this song is still cool. Second, my taste for music has changed... or was born... since...
  7. MadLuke

    Specialty Smoked Beer 100% Peated Ale

    For those who are not from New Zealand (everyone local knows... we know), try to get your hands on Rex Attitude by Yeastie Boys. 100% peated distillers malt. Every time I have it, I just giggle uncontrollably for a few minutes... its good/
  8. MadLuke

    Can I make "bitter water" to add hops after the fact?

    Gee, thats a good idea. I was hoping to dryhop it anyway, so might go for a dryhop nuke instead. Plus Amarillo and Taiheke have both pretty high mycerene anyway. Live and learn. Thanks for the explanation!
  9. MadLuke

    Can I make "bitter water" to add hops after the fact?

    Sorry, should have made myself clear. I was hoping to boil a bit of water with the extract for regular 60 min and then dump it to the fermenter. I am happy with the boil, just don't want to increase the wort volume too much. So what you're saying that with little water, you will still get low...
  10. MadLuke

    Can I make "bitter water" to add hops after the fact?

    hey everyone. I am gonna revive this thread rather than creating a new one) with one technical question on use of hop extract. Background: Some weeks ago I have started a batch of Double IPA, this time trying Taiheke and Amarillo combo. Aiming around 8.5%. However, when doing calcs, I must have...
  11. MadLuke

    Just a story of a wierd batch

    Just a story for a laugh. I have been brewing for a while and have had a book on wild beers sitting on my shelves for some time, too. Never actually applied it... until... Some time ago I was making sahti (a lot of rye, some juniper, no hops), I was left with some grains. I suspected low...
  12. MadLuke

    Has anyone primed with maple syrup?

    Any experience with using lower grade of maple syrup (or your own equivalent)? I have been reading about the grade B and C maple syrup for a while - supposed to have less suger and more "leftovers" - e.g. flavour. Unfortunately I live in a country where syrup grade B is impossible to get, so I...
  13. MadLuke

    Maple Oatmeal Stout

    Let me know how it went. I am wondering whether in this case adding some english hops instead of Cascade might work - more earth to the woody chinook and maple syrup. I have tried to brew with maple syrup only ones - not very successfully - but years ago in Quebec I had some maple suryp beer...
  14. MadLuke

    Full extract ginger ale - feedback wanted

    In the end I changed it a bit: 150 g ginger 30 min 250 g ginger 15 min 200 g ginger 5 min The result is decent - I would be a bit disapointed if this was purely ginger, but with hops it gives enough ginger through while leaving space for the hops. Ginger bite at the start is modest, but...
  15. MadLuke

    Full extract ginger ale - feedback wanted

    I should give an update on this one. Bottled it some 3 weeks ago. After 2 weeks (still young) the beer is awesome. Yes, the champaign yeast is quite dry (some minimum sweetness, from the unfermentable sugars in pale extract I assume), aromatic, nice ginger backbone with a bit of bite... lovely...