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    Deep Wood Brew - Grand Opening Giveaway!

    Sweet! I'm in!
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    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    duck... duck.... GOOSE!!
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    Starter Krausen Level

    This is my first time using my handy dandy DIY stirplate and as I have yet to purchase a flask, I'm using a glass Apothecary looking thing that I picked up at hobby lobby. Uploaded with ImageShack.us The biggest size they had was 1L. Will my 1L starter be too much for it? will there...
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    thermowell issues

    During the active part of fermentation, temperatures in the beer can be wildly different between the temp at the outside edge of the fermenter and the middle where your thermowell is. By as much as 10* i have heard. As long as you aren't shocking the yeasties by frosting the outside of...
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    Stir plate help

    Good deal! Happy brewing
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    Stir plate help

    You're pretty well hosed without a 12volt wall transformer .... radio shack might have one or at least a variable output version. You might even have one around the house. Laptop power cords put out 12-14volts so does some cordless drill chargers. I scavenged mine from a small room...
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    Stir plate help

    check your fan to make sure it isn't a 12 volt unit, a blackberry charger will only put out 5.5. a 12v fan wont even budge for less that 9 or 10 volts.
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    StainlessBrewing.com Gift Certificate Contest

    *sigh* maybe I'll remember to check the announcment on the day of the drawing this time instead of 2 days after :(
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    To Windscreen or not to windscreen..

    Good advice, thanks. I'll see what I can whip up with this thing
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    To Windscreen or not to windscreen..

    I've been using a Bayou burner SP-10 for the last several brews and I'm tickled pink with the way puts out. That is, when there is no wind anyway. The unit comes with a built in *cough* "windscreen" *cough* but it does't block anything gustier than a mosquito fart. Pondering this on my last...
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    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    Raise your hand if you're sure!
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    should i wait to pitch?

    I'll be sure to cool it all the way down to fermentation temps next time. Thanks!
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    should i wait to pitch?

    I've always read that after your wort cools down to about 80F go ahead and put it in the fermenter and pitch your yeast. Yesterday I brewed an Vienna Amber Ale (og 1.049), cooled it down to 80F, and put it in my SOFC. Four hours later my starter was ready with white labs California ale yeast...
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    Flame mix

    I've always wondered that.. seem I need to adjust mine a little.. Thanks!