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  1. Madbrewer

    blackberry melomel gold winner

    Well guys I won my medal at the Alaska state fair. We alaskans take beer and wine pretty seriously up here with our long winter months it gives me something to do. You can critisize if you want it really doesn't matter to me it is an excellent melomel and I just wanted to share it with you...
  2. Madbrewer

    can't decide on a hop tea or dry hop for my IPA opinions???

    well if you are worried about wasting the hops then go the cheap route. BUT if you want to truly create AMBROSIA then add about 2-3 ozs of extra hopps after you flamout they will add alot of floral smells and also add alot more hop flavor not bitterness. An IPA is about the flavor of the hop not...
  3. Madbrewer

    My first brew. Expectations vs. results.

    I think that most people that brew for the first time are just happy with something that tastes like a beer. So when they succeed they like to say how awsome it is. And besides Your own beer is like your own kids. Your own kids are always better than other peoples kids, you know what I mean. It...
  4. Madbrewer

    where to buy cider recipe kit?

    You would be much happier doing your own cider from scratch than a kit. Is there a natural food store anywhere in your area? Like a natural pantry? You know a green peace store with natural no preservetives stuff in it? If you do then just simply buy six gallons of apple juice fresh squeezed...
  5. Madbrewer

    help making blackberry wine

    You will notice that I added a blackberry melomel recipe yesterday that has won me awards and a gold at the fair before. It is a really inclusive recipe so it leaves nothing to chance. :mug: look in the recipe list on this site.
  6. Madbrewer

    blackberry melomel gold winner

    20 LBS blackberrys 16 LBS clover honey non processed 4 packets Lalvin EC118 yeast pectic enzyme yeast nutrient 1 packet inningsglass 2 tsp potasium sorbate 2 tsp potasium metabisulfate 1 1/2 oz french oak chips completely sanitize everything you will use before beginning!!!!! Juice...