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    For Sale WTS: Cam lock fittings, three piece ball valves, HERMS coil and sight tube

    Can you send me your cell? I would like to purchase all the cam fittings
  2. Mad Mann

    Flow trouble

    Is your CFC clear? Will your wort flow if it is not connected to the CFC?
  3. Mad Mann

    System reconfiguration after a year of use.

    I installed a sprayer off of a three way valve from my HLT to rinse my BIAB.
  4. Mad Mann

    Pump for basement sink?

    I would go to a plumbing supply store as they have very good options. I installed on in my basement some time ago, might be a Zoeler product with a self contained cath basis but works flawlessly.
  5. Mad Mann

    Spike steam condensor lid

    Tommy: What are you looking to get from it? I might be able to drive to pick it up.
  6. Mad Mann

    Glycol chiller and counterflow chiller?

    Similar to other conversations... made my own AC glycol chiller but added a large 14 G cooler plus 300' of PEX tubing that I buried outside for thermal capacity. I chill down the tank and recirculate for the maximum benefit and can chill 11G with this set up.
  7. Mad Mann

    CO2 Leak Hunting

    Glad to hear there is so much info on gas leaks. My experience is on-going and have tried everything from spraying and looking for bubble to complete submersion. I found multiple leaks to include one of the gauges that I replaced. Still leaked and I discovered it was a small beverage line leak...
  8. Mad Mann

    Your most epic MacGyver moments

    I built a closed circuit chiller using 300' of 1" PEX tubing buried in the ground for constant temperature. Works great and no wasted water for chilling.
  9. Mad Mann

    My DIY Glycol Chiller has Rust

    What I did with mine was get an in line filter form Home Depot to foster out the rust. I also pulled the AC unit and trimmed the sheet metal, but make sure you wear gloves/
  10. Mad Mann

    Older brewers techniques.

    Do you guys have any thoughts on the tankless Water Drop system? reverse-osmosis-water-filtration-system-for-home-wd-g2600-w
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    Suggestions for the equipment $500-$600 range.

    First, welcome to the hobby and the brewing subculture! All above are great recommendations. Not sure what your mechanical/electrical skill level is but part of the fun I have with this hobby is building my own things. If you have some modest skills you can make your own mash tun if you want an...
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    Essential non brewing equipment

    How about an adjustable wallpaper remover? Before putting in wallpaper removal chemical!
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    Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil

    I recommend talking with Rex at BIAB, when I told him i was recirculating he set me up with a different micron bag. I also suggest checking your mash temp and water to grist ratio. Rex had told me, although I haven't tested it yet, that with his bag, you can mill very fine grains and reduce the...
  14. Mad Mann

    Brewer's Edge Mash and Boil

    I use a BIAB with my mash tun and a continuous spare with great results. I lift the bag to help speed the process.
  15. Mad Mann

    SS Brewtech 14 G Unitank & 1/5 HP Glycol Chiller

    Interested, can you reach out via email with your phone number?