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    First Ingredient Kit for a novice

    Well, my kit arrived, I must say, I was a bit dissapointed at first, the malt extract had been placed in the box upside down and had leaked all over everything. BUT!!! One email to AHS and I quickly had an appology and another tub of ME on the way. As others on this board will attest, AHS is...
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    First Ingredient Kit for a novice

    Well, I ordered the Gold Seal Cerveza from AHS, I figure if the wife likes it, it's one less battle I've gotta fight. Thanks for all the great ideas. Mac
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    First Ingredient Kit for a novice

    Hi Guys, Well, I did dig around a bit on the forum, but really specifically what I need is a recommendation on a very easy to brew, hard to screw up, everything included, malt extract, no grainbag, light, crisp, easy to drink ingredient kit. I have two goals in mind. One, being my first...