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  1. mack65

    Imperial Stout Ten Fidy Clone

    There is no oak in Ten Fidy, that smoke you are tasting is definitely from all that dark malt. I have done more batches and altered the recipe and used less dark malt and more pale making a thinner beer and the roastyness was definitely less. I have some bottles left from my first batch a...
  2. mack65

    Must try breweries at the 2012 GABF

    We get Hoppin' Frog here in Colorado, good stuff. I'm going to hit the Founders and 21st Amendment first!
  3. mack65

    Low hop utilization brewing with Crystal Mountain spring water, need help....

    I live in Colorado and have very soft water and I had the same issue. I started using Gypsum in the mash and boil and immediately noticed the difference. I would suggest playing with the EZwater calculator and trying some Gypsum additions. I found that it really helped with hops utilization...
  4. mack65

    Imperial Stout Ten Fidy Clone

    It turned out really good. Funny part is, I made 3 batches of this and thought the first two were bad at first. But my LHBS guy told me to bottle it and let it sit and it might get better. So, I did and it sure did get better. When the beer is new it is sickeningly sweet and fairly wild (maybe...
  5. mack65

    Has anyone used true spring water for beer?

    My wife likes to go up the mountain to a spring just outside of Cripple Creek, CO. She uses it for baking bread. So, I've been up a few times and brought a bunch of carboys with me. I've brewed with it a few times and it is great. However, my water out of the tap is about the best you can get in...
  6. mack65

    Airlock Blew Out, Open Fermenter for 3 Days, Dumper?

    Yep, this and I have found that sometimes you can actually make an accidental sour so no need to pitch.
  7. mack65

    Airlock Blew Out, Open Fermenter for 3 Days, Dumper?

    When I went on a tour of Twisted Pine Brewery, their owner told us that all of their fermenters have an open port at the top to the beer can "open" ferment. I've also done something similar before without any negative impact. Also, you have to remember that when actively fermenting the pressure...
  8. mack65

    Wooden Stand Question

    I used concrete backerboard like beerloaf above. Also, in other places that get some heat I used spray paint meant for BBQs.
  9. mack65

    Imperial Stout Ten Fidy Clone

    Well, after several failed attempts I finally did it. Fermenting a 1.104 beer takes some extra skills it seems. Especially during the Colorado winter. So far it tastes great 2 months in the fermenter. Just added some oak to 1/2 of the batch. I'll keep you posted once it goes to the keg to carb.
  10. mack65

    growler bottling ;)

    I carbonated a stout in a growler before. Put in about 1/2 a tsp of sugar and used the he-man grip on a good cap. Left it for a few months to age and came back to a highly carbonated beer. Maybe not ideal, but I had about 1/2 a gallon left over after filling a keg and didn't want to throw it...
  11. mack65

    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

    Free Stuff is mine!
  12. mack65

    Buy Beer Online? Seriously?

    I bought a 6-pack Imperial Stout sampler (22oz) from this place a few weeks ago. Came really nicely packed via UPS. They do ID while signing for the package.
  13. mack65

    Fresh Hops

    I really love fresh hop beers and this year I would like to find a place where I can buy some fresh off the vine, so I can attempt a batch or two. Does anyone in know of a farm in Colorado that would allow a home brewer to buy (and maybe pick myself) hops fresh from the vine? I contacted...
  14. mack65

    Colorado Springs Water Report

    No problem! Are you going to any of the Homebrew Day events in town? I'll be up at Pike Peak Brewery with the Brew Brothers.
  15. mack65

    Ghetto Fabulous Hopback

    Well, I have found that my creation isn't watertight. You might be able to fix that though. After using it a few times I have come to the conclusion that it is more trouble than its worth, until I make it water tight. I basically have to separately regulate the flow of wort through it since it...