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    Texas Beers

    Thanks for the replies everyone. My friend is in the Dallas area. Hoping he can find some Jester King which is what I really want plus any others that may be good. I can get Shiner around here in MN.
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    Texas Beers

    A friend is down in Texas right now and wants to bring back some beers for me. He isn't a beer guy so I don't want to send him on a wild goose chase for rare beers. I want some Jester King wild and sour beers, plus maybe something else. Any recommendations for stuff that should be easier to find?
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    American IPA Furious Clone?

    Go with the NB one. That one IIRC has tons of Simcoe dry hop. That is the signature of the beer. There is no where near enough hops in the recipe you posted to be a clone of that beer.
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    Opinions Please

    Color is not an indication of malt flavor. Light malts have wonderful malt flavor.
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    Opinions Please

    Yeah, drop the amber extract. That is made for more amber american styles and will have too much crystal malt already in it. I would also cut the crystal steeping malt down some(not sure what color crystal you are going with here). The amber malt will need to be mashed to be converted...
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    how to cultivate my own yeasts

    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FE0LQ9A/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20 everything you would want to know and more is in this book.
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    Need help with foam in lines

    ^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^ To get the 3/16" line onto the picnic tap just boil some water in a cup in the microwave and put the end of the tube in the hot water for 10-20 seconds. Then take it out and immediately press it onto the barb of the picnic tap. It will press right on and seal up as it...
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    Attenuation - Too Good

    mash around 158 and use some carapils. The carapils should help you quite a bit.
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    Attenuation - Too Good

    I haven't noticed mash temperature making a huge difference in fermentability either. I have been working on some pilot batches lately for a start up brewery and I have been mashing 1.070 beers at 155 and using 1968 and getting them down to 1.010 easily. One was even a brown ale wort that IIRC...
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    Attenuation - Too Good

    I have noticed much higher attenuation also with the 002/1968 strain. I regularly get ~80%. Which base malt did you use? Rahr? I have noticed that Rahr malt worts tend to ferment nice and dry. You could try a British malt if you didn't already, or add in some carapils.
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    Southfield - Copper Canyon Brewery - For Sale

    I used to talk to Todd all the time on Twitter before I banned myself from it. What happened?
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    Hop gods you will feel my wrath

    :confused: :drunk:
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    What size kettle are you using?
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    stores in mn that have build a sixer

    Not sure about the East Metro, but Princeton's in Maple Grove and Four Firkins are great ones. There is this new place also, but I haven't been there. http://elevatedbws.com/
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    Early stages of planning to open a microbrewery.

    Did you buy used equipment? Also, are you renting glycol or did you buy a unit?