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    Houston TX Area - Most of my equipment for Sale

    Thanks for letting me know, i just made room. Is Saturday around 11am good? Thanks
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    HOUSTON - Anyone want to trade corny kegs? My pin for your ball

    If you want to go the other way, I'll trade you 2 pin locks for 1 ball lock
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    Houston Group Grain Buy #2

    That is really strange - never heard of a place that wouldn't accept a regular old visa, regardless of the name. Would they take a bank check, or wire transfer from a bank?
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    WTB: Stainless Stout Faucet

    I have that Perlick and it is great, but a stout faucet it isn't. I too am looking for a stout faucet to go with N2. So far it is tough to find the all stainless ones. If you see one that says stainless then look at the fine print, it is often just the stem and restrictor plate. Or if they...
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    50A 3P 4W Grounding Plug and Recpt.

    That's a great find! I just finished my electric brewery (it hasn't received the final test yet) and I had to go to home depot to find this kind of plug. I couldn't find the twist lock style anywhere that could handle 50 amps. Best I could find was 30.
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    Houston Group Grain Buy #2

    Schaez, Have you had any luck with Country Malt? Did the work around work, or are you just up to your neck with work stuff - I know what that is like. I do have a DBA, but not a separate tax ID, don't know if that would help or not. The electric brewery is pretty much done, just the...
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    CO2 Regulator

    I sent you a pm to buy this- Thanks, Ned
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    3 Faucet Shank Combos

    hard to tell from the picture. Are they Chrome or Stainless?
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    Houston Group Grain Buy #2

    Very excited for this! Now to finish up my electric system so I can do something with all this wonderful grain! I gave my old mashtun to my sister over Christmas, so I'm dead in the water til I finish the new system :(
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    Houston Group Grain Buy #2

    I'm in for 4 sacks (from the first page): 2 - Canadian Malt 2-row 1- Bairds Marris Otter 1 - Briess Vienna If we make a second pallet, I'll go for these on top of what I've got already: 1 - Canadian Malt 2-row 1 - Bairds Marris Otter
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    Austin Texas Bulk Buy

    Wow - you guys are gonna make some serious amount of beer!! That's great! I'll keep my eye on this section and try and make the next group buy
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    Austin Texas Bulk Buy

    Is there still room left on this buy? I can do 8 bags if we can mix n match. I'm in Houston but get up to austin all the time for work.
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    Houston, TX Group Buy

    It looks like we're getting close to another pallet's worth of grain. I'll take 4 sacks or so. I have a truck and garage space to store if that helps.
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    I've placed several orders here. Always a great experience. The shipping has been lightning fast - even around the holidays. Good pricing and good shipping is worth a lot. Haven't had to return anything yet, so I don't know about customer service, but based on what I've seen so far, I...
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    4500 or 5500w element?

    +1 to this. I just picked up 2 5500W units yesterday. They were a buck or two cheaper than the 4500W for some reason. They are the straight incoloy, not the wavy ones, but they fit wonderfully into a keggle