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    eBIAB Basket Design

    Sounds about like mine the only thing I did differently than that was having them off set the u hook brackets so it tilted a little. I always found it drained just a little better with it cocked rather than flat. Just me though.
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    Michigan Grain Mill Stand

    I can’t see the pictures but I’ve been looking. If ya get a minute message me thanks.
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    Heading to Breckenridge

    I was just going to say the same, pretty sure there’s no “cheap” beers anywhere in CO especially not slope towns.
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    Heading to Breckenridge

    Outer Range is a must. You’ll go right by it (Frisco) on your way to Breck. If you’re into cocktails Modis has a killer cocktail menu and Mi Casa has stellar Mexican and margs, both in Breck.
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    High Gravity Custom eBIAB System

    Thanks guys really excited, next question I’ll throw at ya would be chillers. I’ve only been around a counterflow and I’m thinking I want to try the therminator. My only concern would be it clogging any countermeasures normally used or is it not an issue? Obviously I didn’t google it or...
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    High Gravity Custom eBIAB System

    Well it’s official I’m a future HG eBIAB brewer got the 15 gal SS kettle and riptide kit ordered. Now the waiting game. I’m still planning on the Utah basket but I’ll get that ordered when the kettle shows up so I can decide on dimensions. Any thoughts on a good first beer? This will be my...
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    High Gravity Custom eBIAB System

    Well I get to put my order in this week and I’m planning on going the Utah Biodiesel basket route. If anybody has purchased one for the 15 Sstech could ya let me know specifics I’d like to order it before the kit shows up. Or dimensions of the basket that comes with it would probably work. Thanks
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    Clawhammer 240v system

    Its been a little bit so how do you like the Grounded Brewing system? It’s on my short list.
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    Nebraska farmer contemplating a new hobby

    Hey guys first off thanks all for such a great wealth of knowledge. These forums have been a great starter crash course, I almost feel like I could just jump in head first. Anyways love to meet some local brewers (north east Nebraska) before I make the leap and spend a bunch of money that I’ll...