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Mar 2, 1999 (Age: 22)
State / Province
West Virginia
Favorite Music
Alternate Rock
Favorite Movies
Lion King, Wolf Children, Interstellar, Spawn, Halloween, Friday the 13th, etc.
Favorite Television Shows
Samurai Jack, How its Made, House M.D., Doctor Who, and Forged in Fire.
Favorite Books
The Last Apprentice, Eragon, Spiderwick, Wings of Fire, and Where the Red Fern Grows.
Home Brewing Biography
Basically i saw a bunch of mead stuff online and i was already really into fantasy games, movies, stories, and more. Mead being a very prominent drink in all those things. So when i had the money and the chance to try it out i went ahead and did it. Now ive put a good bit of money and time into a very basic set up that i hope turns into a good hobby and maybe one day a profitable one.
Future Brews
Might try a cherry mead brew after my cinnamon apple mead is done this christmas.