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    FREE TEST for Inkbird new product IBS-TH2 temperature sensor

    Sure, I have some hot, humid areas that will put it through it paces.
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    Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi

    Having them all in the same bucket is standardizing their environment. I thought you might try to put them through a scale of known densities, but having them all going through the same dynamic fermentation should give you some data. Watched that video, seemed the larger module bucked the...
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    Fermentrack: Fermentation monitoring & BrewPi-www Replacement for Raspberry Pi

    That would be a neat study. I wonder how to standardize the effect of foam? Soap would probably reduce surface tension and throw it off.
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    Bachelor / bachelorette home brew experience?

    The Brew on Premise defense only will go as far as the personal consumption of the people that made it. The only difference is that someone else is providing the space and equipment. When the beer goes out to a catering company, a legit business that is providing a service for money to a couple...
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    Best way to introduce oxygen to wort pre-fermentation

    So far I've never done anything more than pour it through a fine sieve/paint bag/big funnel right from the kettle. Removes the hops/trub and aerates it just fine so far. I've done some high gravity beers and haven't ever had any issues with yeast taking off or going the stretch.
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    Brewing my first batch in Pakistan. Need sanitization help

    In your situation, bleach, rinsed with boiled, not necessary boiling water. It will do everything you need it it to do and probably don't need to look for it.
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    Gelatin fined three beers, all three under carbonated after bottling

    "The last three beers" How did the previous batches turn out that you used gelatin on? Have you been tracking the temperature of the bottles? A bottle of beer at 65 degrees will take a lot longer to carbonate than beer at 72. Did you take winter into account? Another thing may be your process...
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    WD40 on ball valve ok?

    That's fine, we're all learning. Metal to Metal= thread tape just shows what I am talking about. If you can see it, below on the left is a hex nipple hose fitting. On the left of that is a male tapered thread. It is designed to seal on the threads. Sealing water (in your case beer?), air...
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    WD40 on ball valve ok?

    If it doesn't have teflon in it, not the tape, the ball seat, I'd try heat/torch. Some automotive bolts that is the only answer, other than going back in time and adding anti-seize. Public service announcement- if it has been 5 years since you've had your alternator off, pull that long bolt and...
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    Joe's Ancient Orange Mead

    It might not even ferment that thick of sugar. Up to 13% means under perfect conditions. If it keeps fermenting, it will probably take a few months to get there. Anything over 12-13% starts to hamper yeast function. I think a better method for what you were trying to accomplish would be to...
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    Fruit wine-campden or no campden?

    Welcome to the hobby! If it was distilled pasteurized, I doubt that any live vinegar cultures went into it. That being said, I would not be starting the wine making process by making pickles. Hope there is no vinegar flavor, smell in the final product. Hole in the top of the container? As Yooper...
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    Distilling Legally? opinion, thoughts or ideas.

    Not sure what the difference the state would make when you are charged with a federal felony. I've seen a few gov careers ended for those that thought different. If you're open to a bloated government agency with no oversight decide if it is worth it to bankrupt you or not, have at it. The state...
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    Reduce Sodium?

    I wonder if he is in Florida, like me. I would also dilute unless he finds iron in it as well, then RO or buy all of it. What's a typical alkalinity range? I'm at 225 and thought that was on the upper side.
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    Softened water brewing

    I confused that post with another above that said they were posting a treated water test. He had 7 gpg of hardness after running through a softener?
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    Softened water brewing

    I thought his .64 ppm of Iron was pre-softener. If that's what the treated water measures, then the softener could be fouled or could need some other equipment. I've got 1 ppm of Iron out of the well, and most softened water tests say the iron is 0, though I still think we have occasional iron...