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    What are you drinking now?

    Brewdog Tokyo Stout http://www.brewdog.com/beer/tokyo Big big beer!
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    Gift Delivery in CT

    North Haven, New Haven, Hamden etc? But really anywhere that delivers statewide. Like I siad quick googleling for local only gave florists...
  3. Loweface

    Gift Delivery in CT

    Hey, I'm looking to send a present to an old friend in CT but am much to far to visit... Can anyone suggest a good online company that does gift deliveries in CT? Only thing I can find locally are florists. Any suggestions beer related or otherwise welcome... :mug: Cheers Loweface
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    How do you use a laptop touchpad? Settle a debate with your vote!

    Click with thumb, track with middle finger, scroll with ring finger...
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    Anyone else addicted to mouthwash? :(

    Na it's not OCD. If it was you'd have called it CDO... In alphebetical order... Like it should be...
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    Forum Clock - Why so far off?

    Clock looks fine to me but then I'm in GMT
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    Random theoretical gas question

    Nitrogen won't dissolve into your beer. Not at any pressures you'd be using anyway. Neither will argon. Nitrogen is used together with CO2 to push beers further and at higher pressures than with CO2 alone.
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    Beer Tour Europe planning ... (tips requested)

    No tips to offer but keep me informed of your Ireland plans...:tank:
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    Q&A and pointless trivia

    The Dublin Guinness brewery is known as Saint James's Gate... Olds oldest brewery is Weihenstephan in Bavaria?
  10. Loweface

    Call Me Crazy....

    I've made them. Not bad once you give them some time...
  11. Loweface

    Left over pulp uses?

    Cardboard. I figure they can make apple flavoured energy bars out of cardboard why not the reverse?
  12. Loweface

    Guinness (a BASH)

    LMAO!!!!! Tell you're Brother in law he went to the wrong bars. As an Irish barman I can tell you there is certainly more Guinness being drank in the average Irish pub than Budweiser. (now it would be different in clubs) As for the people who are saying Guinness is only nice if its not...
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    Labels from Boerderij Kabouter

    And I think it's done... Boom...
  14. Loweface

    Labels from Boerderij Kabouter

    I like it. Maybe increase the transparency of the text on the right and outline the bottom text to give it a bit more pop. At this stage its just nit-picking for the sake of it really. It's far better than anything I could come up with...
  15. Loweface

    Labels from Boerderij Kabouter

    Red is what I was thinking... Can you soften the hop aswell...