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    critique my peanut butter stout recipe

    I would add some flaked oats to give it better head retention. I would add 1 lb.
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    Does gypsum and CaCl2 require heat to dissolve in water?

    I have not had problems. I take a ph reading before and after and hit my targets each time. I just mix the mash pretty well.
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    Does gypsum and CaCl2 require heat to dissolve in water?

    I add mine directly to my mash tun. It dissolves in there really good
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    Opinions on this brew system

    I saw that one too. Lots of moving parts in that system. I would just make you could find the parts in case repair is needed.
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    First time cider got rookie question

    I bottle it then wait a day or two then pasteurized it depending on how much carbonated you want it. You have to be careful though because you can have bottle bombs if you wait too long. I have gone as long as 4 to 5 days. Some bottle it in a 20 oz soda bottle and wait until it is rock hard...
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    3 word story

    what is next
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    Saturday first AG brew equipment question

    yeah I usually do about 10 degrees more than my beersmith calculated strike temp. I have same setup. you may want to do 12 degrees it'd cold out. worst case is you can always add a little boiling water with 10-15 minutes after mash in if our is low to hit you mash temp. don't worry...
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    Dogfish Punkin Ale Clone

    How much hops did you add? You recipe doesn't specify. The citrus flavor could be from that. Some recipes will add pumpkin to the secondary. Maybe try that too
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Brewing my delicious oatmeal stout. Bought enough for a coconut porter, but may do that another weekend.
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    70qt Jarhill brew kettle for $65 shipped!!

    Can you share a link..would be a good hlt
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    Kegerator Taps

    Perlick taps are great. SS are obviously the Cadillac of taps. I have the chrome plated ones and they have been fine:
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    Pot and MLT cooler upgrades

    I am thinking about upgrading my HLT. It is not really big enough for doing 5 gallon batches, but I get away with using another pot. I looking to get a big HLT for 5 gallon and possibly 10 gallon. I have a keggle for the boil and 10 gallon mash cooler setup. Any recommendations on HLT...