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    Experiences with different saison yeast blends

    Good to know, thanks. I'm leaning towards a 10 gal. batch. Half will get WLP565 and some Dirty Dozen I've had going for a while. The other half will get WLP565 and the Brett Barrel III.
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    Experiences with different saison yeast blends

    Anyone have experience with Inland Island Brett Barrel III (INIS-913) and a saison strain? From what I have heard, this one is from Crooked Stave, and is supposedly the Bretty Drei that Chad isolated. I'm thinking of co-pitching with WLP565.
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    Cloning HopHands by Tired Hands Brewing Company

    I had the same reaction on earlier versions of this type of beer. It was way more bitter than my software had calculated. Basically, it's because dry hopping can increase bitterness. Here's a great article on it: On my last...
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    Northern Colorado-CMC group buy round 3

    I'm in for two bags of pale ale malt. My preference would be to do it after the holidays.
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    Northern Colorado-CMC group buy round 3

    Nice. I work in Longmont and live in Frederick, so I imagine we come close to crossing paths a couple of times a day.
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    Northern Colorado-CMC group buy round 3

    Thanks for following up on and organizing this, LLBeanJ. Participation, for me, comes down to price, as going to Fort Collins is about three times as far as going to my LHBS, and they have pretty good bulk grain prices. That said, I love FtC and can always use an excuse to go up and visit...
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    ECY34 "Dirty Dozen"--now what?

    Any other updates on this blend? I just ordered some today, and I'm interested in hearing more about others' experiences. My initial thoughts are a standard saison with this blend and Dupont co-pitched, or a strong golden with WLP750 and this blend (hoping to get some nice interplay with the...
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    WLP080 (Cream Ale blend) and IPAs

    That's the idea. Lots of hops, with some Maris Otter, victory, and pale chocolate to give it a nice amber color and a toasty malt character. I decided to add the first dose of dry hops now, then crash cool after 4 days, followed by the second batch of dry hops. The sample I took last...
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    Northern Colorado-CMC group buy round 3

    Agreed. I don't mind driving up to Fort Collins if the price is good. It's a nice excuse to visit friends.
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    WLP080 (Cream Ale blend) and IPAs

    Anyone use WLP080 in IPAs? It's a recommended usage, according to white labs. The thing is that in my experience there's a noticeable sulfur nose to the beer for a week or two after primary fermentation is finished. 7 to 10 days near freezing temperatures clears up the sulfur for me on the...
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    Northern Colorado-CMC group buy round 3

    By the way, these are the pre-tax prices on BFS's website. Freight already included: 2-Row: $80 Pils: $80 Pale: $70 Wheat: $80 Rye: $90 In the case of pale and wheat, the "deal" we're getting is actually higher than what the store normally charges. And they're asking us to pay shipping...
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    Northern Colorado-CMC group buy round 3

    Dealbreaker for me, as well. The original group buy I did from CMC was $0.60 per pound, which was an insane deal. I think $1/lb is a good deal for the quality, as well. $75 to $85 per bag is too much. Boulder Fermentation Supply's prices per pound for CMC malt have always been uncomfortably...
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    Northern Colorado-CMC group buy round 2

    I'm in for at least a couple of bags this time.
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    gin bbl aged sour?

    I skipped out on the group buy because I was nervous about having 15 gal. of any particular type of gin beer. It was nice timing, though, because I was already thinking of doing some gin-influenced beers. Right now I have a fake "gin barrel" IPA going. I'm just using gin and heavy toast...
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    That "cheerios" character after bottling

    Thanks for pulling this information together, dantheman13. I noticed the following on your wiki page: I'm not sure it matters, since I have no idea how I'd measure the actual amounts, but it looks like the reported level is way below the taste threshold. My first batch with the cheerios...