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    First all-grain BIAB: IPA OG waaay too low

    Im an extract brewer, so I know nothing about your issues there, but I did see you ask about RO water, and I was a water purification specialist in the army for 8 years, so I can speak on that subject. Reverse Osmosis. Water is forced through a non-pourous filter at high pressure, breaking it...
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    First Batch Anxiety

    Did anyone else pick up on the fact he has 6 oz in dry hop? I know this looks to be an imperial Belgian IPA and all, but 6 oz! I've never seen mor than 2 oz... I'm assuming it was pellets, just looking at the picture. That's gonna be a lot of hop sludge.... Looks fine though, it'll just take...
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    Boil kettle question.

    Buy it! Here's the thing, aluminum heats up quicker, and cools off faster, which is great for brewing! The only downfall (kinda) is that it's a softer, more porous metal than stainless, and can pick up off flavors if you use it for other things or don't clean it well after use. So as long as...
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    Do I need more yeast?

    Probably didn't need the second pack. Dry yeasts in 11 gram packages, like 05 have WAY more cells than you need for any standard brew. I went from 1.096 to 1.013 in 6 days with 05, no rehydration, no starter. That being said, it was probably worth the $4 pack of yeast to ease your mind so you...
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    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    I've had a lot of crap, and this may be surprising to some, but miller lite is terrible. Everyone I've ever had has been flat and virtually flavorless. What flavor was there was terrible. I'd rather drink water... With scotch...
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    Barleywine recipe advice

    Good stuff to know. I'm shooting for 12-14, and had someone tell me that they used notty in a 16, and it worked fine, that's why I chose it. I usually use us-04 or 05. I'm think I'm wanting to end up between 1.024 and 1.030, on the sweeter side. I have used warrior for 90 minutes in a DIPA, and...
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    Barleywine recipe advice

    Hey all, wanting to brew a big one to be ready for Christmas time, wondering what you think about what I have. (I'm still kinda new) 10 lbs xldme 6 lbs gold lme 1 lb victory malt 8 oz Carmel 80L 2 oz warrior (90 min) 1.5 oz centennial (60 min) 1.5 oz centennial (10 min) 11 grams Nottingham...
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    Big beer; dry yeast

    IM wanting to brew a barley wine soon for next winter. I always use dry yeast, cause I live In Germany and don't want to risk shipping liquid strains over seas. What (if any) has the alcohol tolorance to make it through a 12-14% abv beer? Thanks for the pointers, I'm still a rookie.
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    Too much head space

    It should be fine. My first batch did the same thing, and I didn't have any issues. Plus, stirring up the yeast through transfer, you may drop another point or so, which would release Co2 and push the oxygen out. Don't fret to much though, you should be just fine. Cheers!
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    How many gallons of Homebrew in 2012?

    5 Big Hoss 91 min 5 Rasberry Red Ale 5 altbier 5 Ocyane IPA 4199+20=4219
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    Flavored beer...

    Thanks y'all! I may try the fresh fruit thing, I'm just not wanting it to come out tasting like Kool-aid is all.
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    Flavored beer...

    So the swmbo talked me into brewing a raspberry ale. My ? Is, the instructions sat to add the flavor crap at bottling time, but I've read that sometimes the flavoring takes a while to "mellow", should I add it when I rack to secondary? Just lookin for som opinions
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    Aging a beer

    So I have my first original recipe bottled, it's a little stronger take on a DFH 90 min, with a different variety of hops (chinook, magnum, and centinial in the boil, chinook in the dry). Anyhow, I'm pretty proud of it (naturally, I'm kinda a noobie, lol) and I'm wanting to age a few bottles to...
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    Fermentation Temperature

    Good deal! Patients is the key. Its hard, but it ends up delicious!
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    Fermentation Temperature

    As long as the hydrometer is sanitized and youll be able to get it out, it shouldn't be an issue to take a reading in the carboy. Hopefully it'll be your first of many! Cheers! Oh, also, don't go by the timeline on the instructions for bottling, you want to ensure that fermentation is complete...