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    Please check my gas line set-up

    To push oxyclean/hot water/starsan through the posts. My question is: is there any reason that turning the middle regulator on and off would cause a leak? Like it would bottle up pressure and not be able to shut off fully or something?
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    Please check my gas line set-up

    I have my two regulator bodies and a manifold connected to my 5# co2 like so: co2 === utility reg === ber reg----manifold< 2 kegs I use the utility regulator for cleaning kegs and whatnot. But every time I use it my co2 tank is empty within 24 hours. If I don't use the utility regulator it...
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    Used liquor barrels

    I don't know if I'll be able to take advantage, but I'd also love to hear when you have more of these.
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    Have you tried any AHS quads/BSDAs?

    I called AHS and the guy I talked to said that all three were very similar grain bills, only really different in the hops and the ABV (and 12$); I'm planning on aging this brew for 1yr+ so the hops were no concern. Thanks for the recommendation, I bought the quad!
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    Have you tried any AHS quads/BSDAs?

    The three kits I'm looking at are: AHS Belgian Trappist Ale Quadrupel AHS Belgian Abt. 12 AHS Dutch Castle Magic As far as I can tell, they all look pretty similar, can anyone recommend one of these over another, or a similar kit on AHS? Thanks!
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    Boil time for starter?

    I know about the picture with 1/2cup DME + water + 10mins, but I was wondering: if I boil for fewer than 10mins will there be any down side? I have an electric tea kettle, and it will boil 1L water + 1/2cup DME w/ fermcap for ~5-6min without boiling over but by 8 mins or so it is just too hot...
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    Beer line tests & solution to the "plastic" taste

    It's been 3 weeks, any update on this?
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    Primary Fermenting in a Corny Keg

    Will it work to pump some PSI into the primary corny then turn the gas off, connect it to the serving keg, then vent the pressure in the server, and let it siphon itself? Or do I need to push it the whole time?
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    Fermcap S conclusion?

    Followed this advice with a Belgian Wit (wpl400) yesterday, put over 5gal into a corny keg with 5 generous drops of Fermcap and a blow-off tube. Today the jug of starsan is full of starsan bubbles, the ferment drove the temp up 3 degrees already, but there is no trace of krausen in the blow-off...
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    Measure Specific Gravity with a Hydrometer

    Yeah, I skimmed over the introduction at first; I came back to say that the reason he wound up doing this makes a lot more sense than trying to avoid using a hydrometer. Also, what he did (weigh the cylinder full of wort then again full of water and subtract) is a much better idea than what...
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    Fermcap S conclusion?

    Yeah, I was a bit surprised at how solidly it comes out. Thanks!
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    Measure Specific Gravity with a Hydrometer

    So he spent 35$ to avoid spending 8$ on a hydrometer? Also: since he measured the weight of a liquid and compared it to water, he didn't *avoid* a hydrometer, he basically built a hydrometer that happened to cost much more and also be much less precises.
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    Fermcap S conclusion?

    I never had krausen in my starters before I got Fermcap, either, but those were American ale yeasts. I thought the stirring action of the plate (which is fairly vigorous) was keeping it from forming. Either way, I have a wit yeast that I Fermcap'd as I described before on the stir plate right...
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    Fermcap S conclusion?

    For the starter, I wound up using 2 drops in the flask, yeah. I put it in after the DME (though next time I'd put it in before) and it broke up the bubbles and prevented a boil-over. With a stir-plate I never get krausen in the flask, idk if this is normal. As for yeast washing, I would...
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    Bayou Classic SQ14 Problem?

    Super, thanks guys!