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    The Arcaderator/ Kegarcaderator I haven't decided on a name

    This is really awesome! I want to build one of these as well. Did you have any fit issues with the mini frig? Is this a MAME setup?
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    First attempt cider This video helped me a lot with my first cider, which was a success. There is even a basic recipe on the website.
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    I hate filling bottles from corny keg

    I use the picnic tap with a racking cane and a stopper, turned down to 5 psi with a cold keg. Except for the first bottle, I get minimal foam. I also have an air gun hooked up to my co2 to purge the bottles, and cap with o2 absorbing caps. I actually have a fairly efficient processes, which...
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    What's your profession?

    In Air Force pilot training, which has seriously cut down my brew days.
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    I believe I'm stuck

    There is absolutely no reason at this point for you to dump the beer. You already spent money and time to make this brew, why not just let it finish out and see what it becomes. It may very well be the best beer you have ever brewed, but by dumping it, you would never know. I have had...
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    When should I shorten my boil to bottle time?

    Depends a great deal on the style and gravity of the beer. However, if you take gravity readings spaced out over a few days (3-5) and your gravity does not change and it is around your estimated final gravity, you should be safe to bottle.
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    How long to clear

    If you have the equipment, cold crash it for a few days. You could also add gelatin, then cold crash it for better results. My beers usually start clearing with about two weeks in the keg.
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    Movie name game

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    Movie name game

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    Successful Fermentation Chamber Heat Source These little heaters work great, kept my chest freezer in the garage at ale ferm temps with ease.
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    Confused when beer is ready to bottle

    Three weeks in primary, and if you have the means, cold crash for a few days. Probably no need to secondary, just more of a chance to contaminate the brew and another vessel to clean.
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    First Rack: Foamy Sanitizer... OK to leave some residual?

    Yes to both! Just in case you don't know, you CO2 tank will read approximately 600 psi once the bottle is chilled.
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    Parti-gyle From a Double Stout

    I batch sparge as well, but I do see efficiency in the low 80s sometimes. My efficiency jumped when i started milling my own grain. The recipe looks good, I have done one parti-gyle with a barley wine. It came out okay, low gravity of course. What you can do is mash with a higher grain to...