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    Growing Hops in Ecuador

    When I have results I shall share!
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    Growing Hops in Ecuador

    I started reading this thread and saw lots of discussions about Equador so skipped most of the comments - if this has been said already, i apologise. In South Africa we grow hops under lights see here i don't know how much the original...
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    Incomplete fermentation

    If I was forced into answering the OP based on the stats given (like threatened with not having beer for a week) I would say you are fine. If in doubt, try a little rousing and raising the temp for a few days.
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    Brewed yesterday and want to wash and reuse the yeast for the 1st time, few questions

    I think the dry hopping is only issue if you pitch onto a whole or half of yeast cake. I have used 4 heaped (as heaped as yeast slurry can get) table spoons of slurry and pitched that directly to the wort many times and it has worked fine. The point being that whatever hops is in 4 table...
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    Do different yeasts need different volumes of priming sugar?

    No, the highest ABV of any of the beers was about 6.7% which is way lower than the tolerance of both yeasts. The batch that i split came out at 4.6%. If the beer is 8% and higher i will double check with the hydrometer, otherwise I am just happy to know the FG is terminal. I think there is...
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    Do different yeasts need different volumes of priming sugar?

    Thanks. I think this is the problem. I measured the FG using a refractrometer a few times and it was stable. However, it was a bit higher than the batch with the 001 - and it is a relatively light beer so no reason for the difference. I will keep this in mind as i definitely want to use...
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    Do different yeasts need different volumes of priming sugar?

    I can't believe the answer to the above question is yes. I am asking it because I am going over my brew notes and have seen that when i have primed with 6.8 grams/litre of beer with WLP 001 the beer has come out nicely fizzy - just how i like a beer to be: properly fizzy, but not enough to make...
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    Harvesting Yeast From a Bottle

    If they do use a different yeast to condition the beer then that is the yeast you will harvest. So while Didinho makes valid points, you won't be able to create a clone as your yeast is different. There is a small chance that some of the original yeast will still be in the bottle - but I...
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    Thundercookie Gingerbread Stout

    I bottled last night. The base (before potion) beer tasted awesome and the final beer tasted very good too - but i couldn't pick up any ginger. This is despite adding about 60g to the potion after a few days. Perhaps the other spices overpowered it? I used a coffee plunger to squeeze all the...
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    Yeast flavour experiment

    I have done two batches where I split it into 2 fermenters and used S04 and S05 - one was an american amber ale, the other an american brown ale - there was a slight difference in the hops (the s04 subdues it) and sweetness (s04 attenuated less). However I am not sure i would have picked them...
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    Alcoholic ginger beer

    With that amount of sugar you are going to get a nice alcoholic gingerbeer. I am interested to hear how the pislner malt adds to the flavour - that's one ingredient I would have excluded. I think the spices will work well, but what gave my ginger beers the edge was a teaspoon of paprika or...
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    Cold crash and bottle.. couple questions

    One other thing - I used to mix the priming sugar with 125ml water because I thought less priming solution will have less impact on the flavour of the beer:p. The problem was the solution was often almost like a syrup, especially when I wanted a well carbonated beer...and sometimes this...
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    Cold crash and bottle.. couple questions

    Best advice I ever got on this forum is don't factor in temperature and use between 5.5g and 7.5g sugar per litre. 5.5 grams will give you a very mildly carbonated beer, 7.5 grams will give you as fizzy a beer as you would possibly want. So choose somewhere between that fits your style...
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    Thundercookie Gingerbread Stout

    Monday was brew day. I hit an OG of 1.075, which is a bit disappointing, but I also know I still have to add the vodka which I am sure will take the alcohol up a notch. I made the potion on Monday and opened it to smell it just now - the all spice dominates but I can smell the other spices too...
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    Thundercookie Gingerbread Stout

    Ok, I have started my yeast starter (WLP 001) for this brew an hour agoe and its already bubbling! I need to complete the shopping list still - the recipe says a Vanilla Bean - i presume you take one bean and scrape out all the seeds in it into the potion (and put the skin of the bean in too)...