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    Arduino Bluetooth eBIAB controller with Windows 10 App

    I think I have a diagram in the instructables article. Depending on your element simply connect the neutral wire from your outlet to your element, the ground wire of your outlet to the ground of the element/enclosure and the hot wire from the outlet to the SSR "1" terminal and the SSR "2"...
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    Arduino Bluetooth eBIAB controller with Windows 10 App

    Haha it was a bit satirical in a way. Windows phone is dead so to speak. I had bought mine for cheap on eBay over a year ago. But given that I used a dead powerbank and turned it into something that can make beer, why not look at snatching up a cheap deal on eBay. Not much to loose haha. You...
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    Arduino Bluetooth eBIAB controller with Windows 10 App

    The case I am using for the controller used to be a power bank. It contained a big battery and a power inverter. Part of the case also contained a metal plate made out of fairly thick aluminum. I attached the ssr with cpu compound to the metal plate and I did the same for the fans heat sink...
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    Arduino Bluetooth eBIAB controller with Windows 10 App

    Hey Folks, I thought I'd share this with everyone as I think it would be useful to others out there that like to tinker. I had posted a long time ago about my eBIAB setup here: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/windows-wpf-and-arduino-20-gallon-ebiab-build.644565/ I have gone a few...
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    Windows WPF and Arduino 20 gallon eBIAB build

    Hey folks, I've been lurking for a long time now and thought I'd share my build with you guys, since the last time I posted anything it was my meager attempt at created a wooden grain mill. I am open to critique, questions, suggestions, etc Now you'll say what's so special ... yet another...
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    Wyeast 3203 - PC de Bom Sour Blend impressions

    If you are lucky to find a pack or two i would definitely grab it. I brewed a flanders red with the de bom blend and am quite impressed by it. I brewed a 5 gallon batch and it turned out better than I expected. after about a month and a half i transferred the beer to a secondary and made sure to...
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    Wooden DIY 6 Pack Holder - From a Pallet!

    nice, I like it. You could fill the nail holes by mixing some sawdust from sanding with some white glue to mix your own wood filler. They use that technique for refinishing hardwood floors. I have always wondered if there are good things to make with old pellets which you get for free...