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    How long to make white wine with welches?

    I drink mine as soon as it is done fermenting.... It's pretty crude though
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    I just ordered an Extract Kit from

    A good sanitizer like Star-san would lower your risk of infections.
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    Mom wants to slow brewing

    HAHA yea, I like the comment about half a barrel and not wanting to do things half way... Ill let her know if she brings it up again. And I agree that 15 gallons isn't that much, I sucked down my first batch so I figure I would make two batches so that I wouldn't run out! Unfortunately, I...
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    Mom wants to slow brewing

    Well I wanted to share with yall something I thought yall might appreciate.. I live with my parents still while I am going to college and after a couple batches of beer going and a several gallons of wine, my mom made the dreaded remark to me... She said, "I think you need to start slowing...
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    how to get extract into glass carboy

    HAHA. Simple pleasures!
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    Too much carbonation

    Try putting one in the fridge and let it sit a couple days and see if it gushes. Sounds like that might be the problem
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    Fermentation ? - 1st brew

    The general rule is if your using a clearing tank: 1 week in Primary 2 weeks in Secondary 3 weeks in Bottle/kegs I usually occasionally open a bottle to make sure its carbonating and to taste its progress, however, don't expect it to taste wonderful until it has been bottled for at LEAST...
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    5L Mini Kegs

    Yea I have the tap and enough bungs. Is there a reason you only used it three times? I have the complete set up I just don't wanna fill these things up with my precious beer only to find out it sucks! I was hoping to hear something like oh yea it works good for what you would expect something...
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    1 day fermentation - too quick?

    Same thing happened with my weizenbier. I started seeing airlock activity with 2-3 hours after to pitching my yeast. After about 6 hours I had a constant stream of bubbles. I heard it going in the other room all last night and when I got home today it pretty much had stopped. Its been in the...
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    5L Mini Kegs

    Yea I wasn't as much concerned with cleaning it as I am with draining it. Thats a good idea with the wire. Any other suggestions? :confused:
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    Icebaths Rule!

    Do you have any pictures?
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    Hauling Brew Factory

    You should be ok then!
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    Any roomates look at you funny, when your staring at the airlock to time the bubbles?

    AHHH HAHAHAHAHAAHHA! That made me spit beer out of my nose!
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    Drinking old homebrew

    I think he might have returned to the ER quicker than he thought he was going to :cross:
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    5L Mini Kegs

    Ok, I've done a lot of searching on mini kegs and have not found what i was looking for so I need yalls help. I got a whole mini keg system, 10 5L kegs, 6g bucket, 5g glass carboy and brewpot etc from a guy off of craigslist for $20. Now I am trying to learn how to do this mini keg system with...