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    Year end sale - 50% OFF for Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 temperature controller!!

    I’m not going to lose any sleep over it, but it is a little irritating that at post #14 my request was skipped. Love your products - I’ve purchased multiple “meat” thermometers for home, friends and family after getting the discount on my original here for brewing.
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    I’m in. Good luck all!
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    Black Friday BLOWOUT @ Kegconnection + $100 Gift Card Giveaway

    Daddy needs a new pair of faucets
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    Odd Flavor from 2nd Keg

    After I filled and sealed the kegs, I connected the gas in and set PSI to about 20. Let the keg fill and then purged from the keg pressure valve probably 10 times. Fermentation was in a glass carboy in a temp controlled mini-fridge with airlock filled with sanitizer. It sat for about 4 weeks...
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    Odd Flavor from 2nd Keg

    I kegged up my first batch of homebrew which was an amber ale. I have a 1.75-gallon keg and a 2.5-gallon keg. My first keg tasted great, however, my second key has an off flavor that I just can't quite place. It's not terrible but not pleasant either. There was probably a month or a little more...
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    Identify Logo on Ball Lock Disconnect

    I had ordered some ball lock disconnects on Amazon that specifically said they were CMB. The gas in disconnects that delivered are CMB but the liquid out are not. Can anyone identify the brand on these, and if they are actually reliable? Thanks! 20200227_202157475_iOS by lanev posted Feb 27...
  7. 20200227_202157475_iOS


    Liquid Out Disconnect
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    First Brew Still Fermenting Away - When Is It "Done"

    Thanks, McKnuckle. I started cold crashing in the fermenter late yesterday before I read your post. In the future, I think I'll do that in the keg as you suggested. If nothing else, it frees up the fermenter for the next brew. My thought process has been to leave it in the fermenter for 2...
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    First Brew Still Fermenting Away - When Is It "Done"

    I measured my gravity and its sitting at 1.010 so it looks like it's done. I'll give it another day or so before I cold crash. I started at 1.040 so ABV sitting close to 4% and it tastes good. Not bad for the first successful brew!
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    First Brew Still Fermenting Away - When Is It "Done"

    Thanks guys, appreciate the advice!
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    First Brew Still Fermenting Away - When Is It "Done"

    My first brew (an amber ale) has been in the fermenter for 10 days now and is still bubbling about every 90 seconds. It's been doing 90-ish seconds for several days now. At the start, I used yeast nutrients and oxygenated the wort, and it was bubbling like mad in under 15 hours which lasted...