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    Lawnmower Suggestions

    I wanted to do a Kolsh but I thought I read somewhere here that you had to have good temperature control around 50 almost like an lager. How long do you normally have to cold condition a kolsh after primary?
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    Lawnmower Suggestions

    oh okay thanks! I'll look into that one, I'd rather have something like that rather than a cream ale
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    Lawnmower Suggestions

    Hey guys, I have to order some stuff to bottle my first ever batch next weekend and figured I might as well order an extract kit for my next brew at the same time. I really would like a lawnmower that I could keg and drink throughout the summer. One that's low in gravity so I can drink a...
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    Ingredients in State College, Pa

    Check the directory at for LHBS in PA. I've always been tempted to drive up to the Altoona one but after reading the reviews I'm glad I didn't. There was one in Bellefonte according to BA but I guess it closed I just found Porter House in Pittsburgh that has a good site at...
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    H20...gatttoorrrrraaaaade. No really, just H20.

    The reddish tint would be too much iron but your water softener is probably doing a okay job of filtering it except it's removing other important minerals as well. You could try using gypsum in the water, it's suppose to harden the water and replenish those minerals. Here's a good post I...
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    ale at lager temps

    Ale yeast are only active at room temperature so they would stop fermenting. You can however ferment lager yeast at room temperature to make steam beer.
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    Amstel Light Bottle Labels

    My parent's just gave me a whole case of these I think I'm going to try a heat gun ($10 a Harbor Freight). I'll let you know if it's a PITA. Otherwise they're pretty nice bottles.
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    My first brew. Please assure me it will be okay!

    Ok good. I assumed no CO2 bubbles, no fermentation. I'll have to stop checking it every hour I'm home:D I did use steeping grains, Specialty Grains, 0.50 lbs. Briess Caramel 80. Here's the kit inventory: Specialty Grains: * 0.50 lbs. Briess Caramel 80 Fermentables: * 3.15 lbs...
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    My first brew. Please assure me it will be okay!

    Thanks for all the posts guys! I think i'll invest in an autosiphon and another spigot and drill the other bucket out as well and get another lid as well. that way I'll only have to siphon once and reduce transfers. Do you guys think I should rack it in secondary for awhile? I don't think I...
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    My first brew. Please assure me it will be okay!

    Thanks for the fast responses! Ok good, that makes me feel much better. Yea not mixing the trub back up makes a lot of sense now, I forgot about stirring. I do not have an autosiphon so I guess now I debate whether to purchase one or practice the manual way.
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    My first brew. Please assure me it will be okay!

    OK, so I brewed my first batch last night. It was Northern Brewer's Scottish 60/- extract kit. Followed the instructions and everything went great. Cooled the wort in my sink with ice water for about 20min then poured it into my bucket primary with cold water in it. Temp said 70 degrees so I...