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    popping the question, how did you do it?

    Well I'm back from the usa now. We went to Niagara falls, and at the very bottom of the American falls (on the cave of winds thing) I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes and everything is awesone. Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. It's been awesome. :)
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    Adding to extract kits

    I'm sure people have, but, even if they havn't, you should give it a go and see what happens! You might have stumbled on to something great =D "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." - Edwin Land
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    Gravity readings

    Hey, I'm fairly new myself, but as far as i am aware, most home brewers like to do gravity readings, firstly for calculating the abv (which is nice to know), and also for telling when the brew is ready to bottle/finished fermentation. So you take your first reading (OG - original gravity) you...
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    Finished my keezer

    That looks awesome man, good work =D
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    popping the question, how did you do it?

    So, I bought the ring the other day, pretty nervous at the prospect right now, haha.
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    popping the question, how did you do it?

    So, I've just been wondering if anyone has any stories on how they asked their swmbo to marry them, or visa versa. I'm contemplating asking soon myself (fairly certain of it actually) and just wanted to see how it happened for you guys. :) Lagz0r
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    Indianapolis Craft Brewpubs??

    thanks guys, i'll see how many I can visit =D
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    Indianapolis Craft Brewpubs??

    So I'm meeting up with my girlfriend and her family in Indoanapolis, andI was wondering if anyone here, knew of any good brewpubs or anything while i'm there? Cheers
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    Infected beer - can I drink?

    So a few weeks back now I bottled a chilli beer I had experimented with. There was a clear skin on top of the brew with some whitish bubbles. I wasn't sure at the time if it was an infection so I went ahead and bottled it as I normally would. Now it has developed the same bubbles and skin...
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    A few questions before I start my first brew...

    I'm only new myself mate but the best way to tell if the brew is ready to bottle is using a hydrometer. Now I assume your deluxe kit came with one? After about a week or so check the gravity with your hydrometer then again in about two days. If the gravity is steady it should be right to...
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    Happy New Year

    Well It's new years eve here now and I thought I would wish all you guys a happy (and a hoppy) new year. Best of luck for the new year. :D
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    Gamers: The Old Republic

    I'm so disappointed, we dont get it released here until march or some BS! So now i'm back to wow for my mmorpg fix =( they havn't even allocated oceanic servers =( sorry, i'll stop complaining now...
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    Newbie from Down Under

    Welcome mate, its nice to see another aussie around. Good luck with the post xmas brews!!
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    Gamers: The Old Republic

    I'll be playing it, infact I can't wait. But I havnt looked into it much so I dont know what server.
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    Got 300 bucks should I ?

    Bank?? What is this mysterious bank you speak of...?