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    What is your House beer?

    Vienna Lager with 34/70 at 58 F and Pale Ale with Nottingham at 66 to 68 for a clean profile.
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    Siphon Options

    I've been using the Ballandkeg siphon for years now and really love it. Stainless cane with silicone tubing which makes it feel pretty high quality. The option to aerate your wort while you siphon is very nice. The only thing that I've ever had issues with is the check valve. If you...
  3. lablover

    Tip Draw Floating Dip Tube Issue

    Be careful with that, you may not have a stainless nut. Some stainless is slightly magnetic, but most good SS like 304 and 316 is non-magnetic. You may have a nut that is nickel coated carbon steel and would corrode in beer. Beer is pretty corrosive over time and you would have nickel...
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    Actually came a week before Valentine's day, but I bought this bracelet for my girlfriend that brews with me and she loves it. She's been wearing out to the local craft breweries we like to go to a couple times a week and it's a hit with all our friends there. Bracelet
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    Overcarbed Keg? Here's an INSTANT SOLUTION!

    Wow, great idea, worked well.
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    floating diptube issues: problems, causes, fixes, solutions, etc...

    I can concur that of the less expensive (non-CBDS) units in the $20 range, the Ballandkeg units work the best for the reasons mentioned above. Ballandkeg Their SS tubing in the end of the hose is quite a bit heavier than the SS tubing piece at the end of the other Torpedo Keg units so it stays...
  7. lablover

    floating diptube issues: problems, causes, fixes, solutions, etc...

    I have one of the Torpedo Keg units like these and I added a stainless nut as in the picture. I bought Ballandkeg units for the rest of my kegs as they have a weighted tip included. The stainless tubing in the end is heavy enough to keep them submerged. You do have to trim them off to hang...
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    34/70 problem?

    Try fermenting it at 58 F. That's a great temp for 34/70 and turns out wonderful beers.
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    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    I use nothing but dry. I've settled on Nottingham for all my clean Ales. Ferment it at 65 or 66 F and it is as clean and neutral as it gets. 34/70 for all my lagers, fermented at 58 to 62 F and it's also clean as can be. I've gone away from S-05 due to some peachy flavor I get from it. Many...
  10. lablover

    Storing lager at room temp

    I think you'll be just fine.
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    torpedo floating dip tube

    My first floating diptube was one of the Torpedo units from Williams. I had the same issue and used a SS washer to weight it down. There are many posts on here and Reddit about the same issue. It's hard for me to believe they have not rectified the issue by adding a little weight when they...
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    Brewjacket immersion pro cooling issue

    I'm not sure how often you consider too often, but I use one of those cheap styrofoam coolers that they ship steaks in. I only put a gallon or two of water in and I use two liter soda bottles. With ale temps, I only change a bottle once per day and with lagering temps in the summer, I change...
  13. lablover

    Brewjacket immersion pro cooling issue

    Yes, my brewing buddy got one for Christmas a couple years ago and it failed 2 or 3 times on him before he finally gave up trying to get it repaired. He went to this system that I was using. I've had mine 4 years and used it literally dozens of times and even the little $12 pump is still...
  14. lablover

    Floating dip tube in a BrewBucket

    If you don't want to spend high dollar for the Clear Beer system, I've tried both the Torpedo keg type from Morebeer or Williams and the unit from Ballandkeg. I can say that if you buy the unit from Morebeer or from Williams, be prepared to add a SS nut to the end. Otherwise the hose tends to...
  15. lablover

    Dip tube length if using keg as secondary?

    For secondary, you need not cut any, but if you do, only a 1/2 inch or so. Very little yeast should settle out over a few weeks so you pull a cloudy pint or two and then it will be clear.