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    My Automated E-Herms Build (LabJack)

    Noticed a couple items I can comment on related to the LabJack U3. In the first picture of post #21, I can see that the analog outputs (DAC0 and DAC1) are sourcing current to a couple SSRs. They can provide 5 volts and plenty of current. Following the wires from that picture to the 3rd...
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    LabJack hardware costs

    The amp is needed for thermocouples with the U3. If you use a silicon type sensor (e.g. LM34) instead, then you don't need an amp. We had suggested the LM34CZ or LM34DZ from Jameco for $5 or $2 each, or even order some free samples from Then use epoxy, plasti-dip, a metal tube...
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    Labjack brewing software

    To make your own temperature probes, consider using the LM34 from or It is hard to beat for accuracy, cost, and ease of use. When you are using a voltage measurement instrument, silicon type sensors like the LM34 will almost always outperform thermocouples...
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    Deep Six Brewing System - v2.0

    We sell a couple instrumentation amplifiers (EI-1040 and LJTick-InAmp), but they both have 10s of nA of bias current which might be too much for pH probes. 10 nA is low, but a pH probe needs really low bias currents. If the probe has 100 Mohm of resistance, then 10 nA trying to go through it...