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    FWH and hopbursting DIPA

    The last brew I did with hopbursting was a Rye Pale Ale. I used Amarillo and Citra exclusively. The flavor provided by the hopbursting was a perfect balance to the Rye astringency for my taste. So car my luck with Citra as an aroma/flavor hop has been good and I will run with it for now.
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    FWH and hopbursting DIPA

    I have experimented with hopbursting and loved the results. The flavor and aroma contribution is absolutely outstanding. I have not tried full wort hopping yet and am interested to see the results. I understand this hop schedule may not provide the bitterness some may want out of a DIPA, my goal...
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    Using Centennial in an American Brown?

    I will throw a commercial example out that most of the forum will not have had the privilege to taste. Short's Good Human is a dry hopped double brown. The citric characteristics of the hops worked quite well with the nutty breadiness of the brown ale. While it may not be everyones first choice...
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    Cascadian Dark Ale with Moka Java beans??

    Opinions will vary on this but I will give mine. A CDA should resemble an IPA in every way except color. Too much roasted flavor really does not fit to style. With strong roasted characteristic you would have an American Strong Ale which leans more towards a hopped up stout.
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    Dry hop a rye pale ale

    I have been drinking the rye pale which I brewed a couple months ago recently and while the hops has faded the presense is still fairly strong. I find with the astringency rye can provide bittering additions do not need to be that high. I chose to go with hopbursting and add the majority late. I...
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    Sorachi Ace!

    It seemed that another poster or two may have been under the impression it was an IPA, I was just trying to be helpful and clarify. The citrus flavor could be very interesting in a number of style including an IPA. I really like the citric hop flavors and this is one I am excited to work with.
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    Sorachi Ace!

    To clear up some confusion I do believe Brooklyns Sorachi Ace is a Saison and not an IPA as some appear to believe. With that said this is a hop I am anxious to use.
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    Substituting Honey for Honey Malt

    I brewed a Rye Pale Ale recipe in which I originally planned on using honey malt. My lhbs happened to be out, I substituted CaraHell instead. Now the two malts are completely different but there is really no replacing what honey malt provides. Adding honey will dry out the beer and only leave...
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    Centennial Aroma Question

    The Two Hearted batches which were recalled were infected iirc. I do not think the aroma you mention is related. I would check the batch number for age though, 2h is mch more pleasant fresh. Cenntential, particularly in 2H, has an almost perfect balance of floral and citric qualities. I would...
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    cloning Southern Tier Mokah

    I thought I had heard that Mokah is a 50/50 blend of Jahva and Choklat, though I cannot verify that. In brewing a clone I personally may rely on some chocolate extract in addition to the bittersweet Belgian. With as chocolaty as Choklat is, I am honestly surprised that they do not use extract...
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    West Coast IPA recipe

    I suggested the Cenntenial due to your mention of the lack of Columbis at your LHBS. Also if you like Two Hearted, you like Cenntenial. The Simcoe will give you some piny flavor though I have noted some tropical fruit like qualities as well. The Cenntenial is a very well rounded hop IMO...
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    West Coast IPA recipe

    The hop profile is going to be all about personal preference, so go with what you like. Personally with an IPA I would like to see a strong bettering addition to begin with and hop burst at the end. The aroma and flavor from hop bursting has worked well for me. I like the simcoe/amarillo combo...
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    Two Year Old Three Philosopher's

    I have had this one before and loved it, though it was more on the fresh side. I had a bottle I was letting age, I figured tonight would be a good night to open. My good lord does this stuff age well. I am not sure I would let it sit much longer but at 2 years it is absolutely sublime. The...
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    It's whiskey not beer

    What was the batch to barrel size ratio you had going? I would think you would need to have had a really big batch or very small barrel to get this right. I don't have recipes on hand at the moment but I would suggest a strong quad. This would be similar to what you may have been going for in...
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    My first crack at formulating an IPA

    I like the grain bill but I would bump the IBU's up a bit. The 60 min additions seem solid but I may think about adding another later addition maybe @ 15. I am a huge advocate of late hopping. I see cenntenial in the dry hop, what about adding some to the boil? The higher AA% would boost some...