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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    Thanks for the suggestions Jwood. I appreciate it. I'm going to first take a bottle to another LHBS, where I've heard the owner is incredibly knowledgeable and can solve anything. If he can't pinpoint it, I'll try something similar to what you said. I will ask him if he thinks the flavor can be...
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    This is correct right?

    Have you checked the gravity along the way? Three weeks should be fine, but you can never be too safe. This summer, I bottled a Belgian wit after only two and a half weeks in the primary, and experienced my first two bottle bombs. After that, I make sure to take at least two readings before...
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    Is my Apfelwein still good?

    Apfelwein has become my go-to drink. I almost, um, like it more than my beer. I've only made two batches so far, with one batch still in the primary for about a month now, but it really is delicious. I carbonated mine. Leave it in the fridge a good few days before you try one. It makes it so...
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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    I hope I'm describing the off flavor accurately lol. The first two batches were fermenting in a better bottle. Initially, I thought the better bottle was the issue because it was the first two times I used it. Even after cleaning/sanitizing it, I was worried. This last batch though, I used an...
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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    Thanks for the support. I told my wife if this continues, I'm only going to make Edwort's Apfelwein. Of course, it was in the news this week that apple juice contains high levels of arsenic. :confused: Oh well. I already dumped the two prior batches. I've read Revvy's thread about not...
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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    Wow, you got that quick. I couldn't find it on the site. Thank you for the advice. It could be the water, but my buddy who lives in the same town, who has brewed much less than me, just made a batch that tastes fine. He too uses tap water.
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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    Not bragging at all, but I've read that Rhode Island has the second best water in the country (according to Providence Water). Of course, this may mean nothing at all when it comes to making beer. Is there an easy way to obtain this, or do I have to pay?
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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    Oh yea, and after really analyzing my process, my next guess is the auto siphon. As I mentioned, I don't recall this taste when checking gravity readings and kegging/bottling. I'm wondering if, months ago, before I made these three batches, I either forgot to really clean the auto siphon or I...
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    Off flavor three batches in a row.. so confused!

    Hello, I've been brewing a little less than a year now. I've made a little less than 10 batches, but a good portion of them have been great. Lately, though, my last three batches have had the same off flavor that I can not identify. I even brought it to a LHBS and they couldn't identify it...
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    Oatmeal Stout

    Three weeks is fine. I wouldn't transfer it to a secondary either. Three weeks in the primary, and then check the gravity a couple days in a row. If they're consistent, bottle or keg.
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    I bottled mine a couple weeks ago and threw in the standard 5 oz pack of priming sugar. Mine was a 5 gallon batch and although they're still conditioning, so far so good. I put a few in the fridge earlier this week and will be taking them out tonight when we have some people over (Yea Veterans...
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    Boiling extract?

    Union, Do you modify your hop additions when you go with a late extract addition, or do you proceed as normal as if you were to add all of the extract in the beginning? This question is assuming you use a kit and follow the kit instructions. The two times I've tried with the late extract...
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    Racked on Top of Priming, Still Flat Beers

    My second batch, a Belgian witbier, had this exact problem. I had a few at the beginning that were carbed nicely, and gave me that pop sound when I opened them. Then, there were a bunch that I opened that were hardly carbonated. I felt like I had to agitate them in their bottles to get even a...
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    Oatmeal Stout extract or partial mash

    So no mashing? Just steeping grains (including oatmeal) at 155 degrees for 30minutes and then continue on with the boil like a regular extract plus specialty grains recipe? Maybe I will do one extract plus specialty batch and another partial mash batch and compare the two.