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  1. kush

    Bayou Classic Propane Cooker - 185,000 BTU's $49.95?!?!

    I ordered the sp10. Seems to fit the bill.
  2. kush

    Bayou Classic Propane Cooker - 185,000 BTU's $49.95?!?!

    thanks for yalls help.
  3. kush

    Bayou Classic Propane Cooker - 185,000 BTU's $49.95?!?!

    I dont plan on (as far as I can see) brewing from a keggle. I am just going to keep brewing wort from a 7 gal stainless pot and keg them to cornies. So im assuming that I will be fine if I dont plan on using a keggle? Fiance wants me to move my brewing to the garage since we just bought our...
  4. kush

    Bayou Classic Propane Cooker - 185,000 BTU's $49.95?!?!

    I found this burner at http://store.homebrewheaven.com/shared/StoreFront/product_detail.asp?RowID=1480&ShowQuestions=True&CS=hombre#Questions for this price. The burner name matches the one at home depot for about the same price but the home depot one states it has 60k btu. Is there any truth...
  5. kush

    First Kegging

    Im pretty stoked b/c a few days ago I kegged my first two batches. Today was the day that I got to kick-back my tasty brews. I would like to say thanks to the members of this community that gave me the knowledge to take my first step. I raise my first glass to you guys! :mug: Cheers,
  6. kush

    WTF: Help me understand this recent cultural phenomena

    I always leave enough space between me and the person in front of me so that if I get rear-ended, I wont hit the person in front. I sit back far enough to see the full back bumper which leaves about 5 ft of cushion space. As for the individuals that are first in line and choose to leave a car's...
  7. kush

    I Need a Suggestion for a Beer

    I second that. Im waiting for my hefe to be transfered to the cornie.
  8. kush

    Superbowl Over!

    Congrats to the Giants. A well played game by the defense. I guess all of those two minute drills worked for Eli. What at way to take charge the last couple mins of the super bowl. I was rooting for the Giants along with an enjoyable game; I believe regardless who won we all got a good show...
  9. kush

    Beer Styles & Flavors

    I found this site to be a GREAT reference tool. I use it for a guideline to my next brew. It has stats and descriptions: http://www.bjcp.org/styles04/
  10. kush

    My First Brew, Thanks for the help

    Lol. Thats what I was telling my swmbo! Right on!
  11. kush

    We no need no stinking beer gun...

    Thank you BM for the great idea. Not only have you saved us from a PITA situation but you kept it on a budget. Two thumbs up and a raised glass. Also thanks to bobby for that great vid.
  12. kush

    Shipping problems...Is it just me?

    So i ordered a lot parts to extend my kegerator's storing capabilities. They were supposed to arrive today. They did....apparently from UPS's point of view. Came home from work to an empty door step. So i checked online with my tracking # and it said that they delivered it to my house. Keep in...
  13. kush

    What Do You Do When They Won't Even TRY IT?

    Thats how my friends pretty much think of it also. They cant wait to taste my first batch. As for the op.....I can guess your frustrated b/c it is fun to have a hobby to enjoy participating in, then come to find out that you dont have any friends that are willing to share your excitement. Id be...
  14. kush

    Polish Beer - Lomza

    Anyone know where to get the polish hops used for the brew: Lublin & Marynka