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  1. kornbread

    Brewing Classic Styles issues...

    It seems to me that if you can create a beer that meets the bjcp style guidelines for Aroma, Appearance, flavor, mouth feel and overall impression then, it should score well in competition regardless of what ingredients/process you use to create the beer. Once it's in the glass, the judges have...
  2. kornbread

    "leftovers" to make a mild

    I've thought about that. Since I don't have a dual regulator on my co2 tank, I'm thinking of using "natural" carbonation instead. I'm just not sure I want to wait for it to carbonate. :(
  3. kornbread

    "leftovers" to make a mild

    I'm on "Staycation" this week and I've decided to do some brewing. I brewed a Foreign extra stout on Monday. Then on Wed. I handn't had my fill of brewing so I checked my stockpile of brewing ingredients and came up with the following made from various leftovers: OG: 1.039 IBU...
  4. kornbread

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I'm in...
  5. kornbread

    ever had the cops called on you for brewing?

    It was a joke... I thought the little smiley face in the bottom would have tipped you off.
  6. kornbread

    ever had the cops called on you for brewing?

    You see... That's how it starts. First they encourage you to report drunk driving and meth labs, next thing you know you'll be encouraged to report people who leave too many lights on (with the wrong kind of bulbs.), people who burn too much gas, and people with the wrong political views in...
  7. kornbread

    My Frigidaire Keezer - Birdseye

    Very nice... How did you mount the L brackets for the drip tray? I have a drip tray for my kegerator but I haven't figured out a good way to mount it yet.
  8. kornbread

    Thinking about a kindle but the books are $$$

    My daughter has a Kindle and she loves it. So much so that I've been kind of wanting one of my own. I recently discovered that I could cash in some S&H Greenpoints and get enough in Amazon Gift cards to cover the cost of the unit. My only hesitation is the cost of the books. I buy most of...
  9. kornbread

    Vienna Lager - Interesting

    Couple of questions: How many gallons did you actually end up with post boil? It'll be interesting to hear how far off the hops:gravity ratio is and how it affects the flavor of the finished beer. keep us posted. I'd love to see that recipe if you care to share. I'm planning to brew a...
  10. kornbread

    Lager emiting a sharp smell

    I'm a set it and forget it kind of guy. So, often I pitch the yeast, shut the refrigerator door, set the temp, and then don't open it again for two weeks. Sometimes when I open the door the smell is pretty intense. (Especially if I have more than one beer fermenting at a time.) But 99% of...
  11. kornbread

    Need a beer style suggestion for a picky SWMBO

    If she likes Miller lite... All-Grain - Miller Lite (Really Triple Hopped) - I haven't brewed it myself. But, according to the thread, it seems to be well received by lite beer drinkers. I might also suggest: Cream of three crops - I've made it several times and my friends really...
  12. kornbread

    Vienna Lager Eliot Ness Vienna Lager Clone

    Looks tasty... But, how can this be a "Vienna" lager with no "Vienna" malt?
  13. kornbread

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    I've made this several times ( the original recipe ) and the corn flavor definitely comes through. I'll probably make another batch for a Memorial Day camping trip and I'm thinking of backing off on the corn a bit. My plan was to just bump up the rice and drop the corn to get the same OG...
  14. kornbread

    It's official, I'm having heart surgery on Feb 18th...wow, it's real now.

    Good Luck Revvy. I'll have a pulled pork sandwich and a homebrew on the 18th and you'll be in my thoughts.
  15. kornbread

    Deep Six Brewing System - v3.0

    I've seen these kegs when I was delivering some stuff to a McDonalds dist. center. They have Pin-lock gas in and liquid out posts, and Coca-Cola labels on them. I guess it saves the driver a lot of back breaking work unloading those Syrup boxes.