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  1. koaps

    Highly Hopping a Wheat Beer -- Do It?

    I got this in a secondary right now: http://hopville.com/recipe/681825/specialty-beer-recipes/buzzed-wheat Tasted it during the racking and it was really good, hopefully it will keep that good flavor once bottled, it's been a little hot lately, had to use a wet t-shirt on it. Beer Calc...
  2. koaps

    Wheat IPA

    Well to give you an idea, I just made this: http://hopville.com/recipe/681825/specialty-beer-recipes/buzzed-wheat And tasting it during the racking to the secondary it really didn't have the hoppy kick in the face that an IPA normally has, in fact it was pretty balanced tasting to me, though I...
  3. koaps

    Enhanced Double Decoction Mash Fail

    Yea man you done gone messed up... :drunk: My guess is you won't get as much malty caramel as you should but as long as you left a decent amount of liquid in the mash to do it's job, you probably just did a really long drawn out step mash. I did the enhanced double decoction the other day...
  4. koaps

    Question about starters and aerating the wort

    I based my recipe on: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f36/prehistoricism-wheat-wine-recipe-99961/ But All grain and using 3 lbs of honey, I guess it's more wheat wine than beer. Should put the abv at or above 10%. I know wheat doesn't age like barely, but at this abv I would think it will some...
  5. koaps

    Question about starters and aerating the wort

    Thanks... Normally I do aerate, just missed it this time. I was planning on leaving it in the primary for a month, so maybe I'll keep it in there for 6 weeks instead. I still have at least one, maybe two honey additions to do, either one 2.5 pounds one or I'm thinking I might split it...
  6. koaps

    Question about starters and aerating the wort

    So I made a pretty big wheat beer yesterday, OG was at 1.080, and after all my struggling with decoctions, not hitting target temps, and basically not getting to pitching until about midnight(full day event), I forgot to aerate the wort before pitching. I normally do, but this time I forgot...
  7. koaps

    "Prehistoricism" Wheat Wine Recipe

    I was wondering the same thing. I've been looking for a wheat wine recipe that I can use some honey in, got 3 pounds.
  8. koaps

    What's the weirdest thing you have ever seen in a beer recipe?

    It does, you "dry hop" the bacon. I think the weirdest rumored ingredient I've heard was that Newcastle brown ale used to cook a dead goat or sheep in the boil. Ever since I heard that I refused to drink it. heh.
  9. koaps

    Parti-gyle brewing questions

    One thing you can try is doing a no sparge method for the first runnings, which if you follow this: http://***********/stories/techniques/article/indices/9-all-grain-brewing/1407-skip-the-sparge You should be able to hit your target OG and calculate how much water you will needs for the...
  10. koaps

    yeast washing

    I was kinda wondering the same thing, but I think I see the layer better in my pic. I'm using boiled and cooled distilled water so there's no oxygen or nutrients in the water. It should settle a bit more, but my goal should be to remove the thin white layer of yeast and leave the other...
  11. koaps

    Aging my Barley wine with red wine soaked oak chips

    Very interesting... I got some french oak chips that came with my kit. I'm thinking of soaking them in some red wine now in a baby food jar. Just thought I would mention that supposedly bottle caps(and I'm assuming the lid on a baby food jar) lets in a very very very tiny amount of air with...
  12. koaps

    California common ale??

    How fast you looking for? I mean I could have ran my brew a bit higher, say 65F(can supposedly go up to 70F and still be lager like), it was pretty much done in week and half to two weeks anyways. You can only rush it so much and end up with a tasty beer.
  13. koaps

    California common ale??

    Why wouldn't you just use the SF lager yeast? WLP810 or similar. You don't really lager it, I just bottled my California common, and I keep my fermenters in a water bath the whole time(about 3 weeks) keeping it in the low 60's high 50's. Tasted really good when I tried it during bottling...
  14. koaps

    Decoction Mashing Question

    How big a difference were the two you got? I'm looking to get a split that's something like 1.080 - 1.100 for a stout and 1.050 - 1.055 for a lager.
  15. koaps

    Decoction Mashing Question

    Thanks guys, I might have just misread what palmer had in his book. I was thinking of using this technique to help make the first runnings higher OG and stronger in malt so I can use the second runnings for a different style beer.