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    Double IPA Stone Enjoy By IPA

    Just had my first pour of this a few days ago and it's a definite winner. We made a gigantic wlp007 starter but didn't finish quite as dry as I would have liked, about 1.012. Even so, a fantastic recipe. I had a bottle of actual Enjoy By 4/20 that we did a side-by-side with on 4/19, and the...
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    We want YOUR feedback on our new site, HBT! -- Kegconnection

    Looking to place an order, would love to test-drive the new site and help out.
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    Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA

    Gotta say I agree. I was all stoked to try the DFH IPAs and they honestly left a lot to be desired, particularly compared to the style of IPA you get all over San Diego. I'll take a Ballast Point or Stone any day of the week.
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    good brewing iPhone app?

    BrewPal is right up there as far as one of the best bucks I've spent in pursuit of homebrewing.
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    Just wanted to cast another vote for tapatalk. It's the best mobile forum solution I've seen.
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    As a Systems Admin: This is my kind of beer

    That sounds like it would go great in my "#include <beer.h>" pint glass. ;)
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    Well Looky Here... SN 30th Anniversary Stout

    FWIW, they are actually 25oz bottles, so you're getting more than you bargained for! ;) I bought two, drank one and will age one for a year or so. I thought it was very good. More hop profile than I was expecting, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
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    Cheap & Easy 10 Gallon Rubbermaid MLT Conversion

    Holy crap. How did you get them home? ;)
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    Growing hops with dogs???

    My dog hasn't shown any interest in my hops whatsoever. Also consider that the vast majority of cones will grow well off the ground. Can't imagine this would be a problem.
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    Whats your carbon footprint... about beer, really.

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    What do you do with the spent grain?

    Dogs are opportunistic eaters and have simple stomachs that will digest just about anything. Regardless of what the raw foodies will have you believe, small quantities of grain isn't gonna hurt them and certainly isn't "lousy" for their digestive system.
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    SWMBO vs. Homebrew

    I have found the key to keeping my wife happy with my brewing is to keep a constant supply of apfelwein available for her and her friends. She likes the beer but loves the apfelwein. ;) That and moving the brewing outside.
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    Growing Hops in planters

    FWIW, I planted some cascade and willamette last year in large ceramic containers and they did about as well as everyone says first year plants will do. They sat outside all winter with a layer of leaf mulch over them, and as of a couple days ago have broken ground again. I plan on letting...