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    Hop Root Balls (established rhizomes) - Albany, NY

    No offers yet. If no offers by this weekend they are free. First dibs on free are: Nighthawk Bellinmi Brehuh Sorry, cannot ship.
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    Hop Root Balls (established rhizomes) - Albany, NY

    local guys shoot me a pm. not looking to ship these.
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    Hop Root Balls (established rhizomes) - Albany, NY

    I have 1 each of the following hop plants. Centennial Golding Nugget Willamettte Cascade Chinook In the ground, dormant as of this post. These have been established for 3-4 years. Root balls are very large. Best offer or free. Castleton, NY
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    Albany, NY - Fresh Organic Hops - First Offer

    Bumping for lower price. And because they need to get picked soon.
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    Albany, NY - Fresh Organic Hops - First Offer

    Albany area. Ready now. Enough to fill a few 5 gallon buckets. Cascade mostly, little of a few others. First acceptable offer (won't take much) or free. I just dont want them wasted. It was a good year, these are great hops. I will cut them down for you when you come, so they will...
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    Albany, NY Kegging, CO2, Beer gas, Fresh Hops, & More

    Not going to ship anything at this point, unless you want multiple items. not shipping kegs at all.
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    Albany, NY Kegging, CO2, Beer gas, Fresh Hops, & More

    Downsizing brewery and bar. If it is still listed, it is still available. Everything is used, but well maintained (except the freezer which is broke). Will ship small items if not gone in 1 week. 2 - 5 gallon ball lock Corny kegs with quick disconnects - $30 each (pending sale) 1 -...
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    AB-InBev fights to prevent HB602 from becoming law

    [B] Bingo. It was not "perhaps intentional". It was intentional.
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    Brewery, Bed, and Breakfast

    Not Exactly B&B, but check out Woodstock Inn and Trapp Family Lodge.
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    Tom Roeder's Dry Yeast vs Liquid Yeast Experiment

    Come on nige4958. You are holding up the lunchline.
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    Alabama Homebrew Legislation update (Wish 'em luck)

    I doubt these politicians actually believe any of the idiotic things they said. They are just doing the only thing they care about, and that is trying to get re-elected. Either the beer lobby bribed them with campaign money or some far right religious group threatened votes.
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    What's your ingredient cost per pint?

    propane is my highest cost
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    west coast distribution better than east coast

    We get a nice selection of Midwest beers in NY. Bud Bud Light Bud Lime Bud Ice Bud Dry PBR Miller Miller Lite .....
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    Bottling FROM a Growler - I searched, I promise

    I had to bottle half a growler of RIS recently. Gently poured into bottle through funnel, minimize splashing. Drank couple weeks later. It was slightly undercarbonated, but otherwise perfect.