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    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Count me in, please.
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    10% Off Custom Caps at

    One of your finest codes, please.
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    Phoenix Hops

    2 cents: I got 4 ounces of it a while back. I brew English, American, and Anglo-American hybrid styles almost exclusively so I was excited to find what to me was a new, English derived bittering hops. Plainly put, I don't like it. As m1k3 put it, it's harsh and I found that it lent an almost...
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    Low Mash Efficiency??

    I too used to have what I though was unacceptably low efficiency. Then I became seriously anal about measuring my water volumes (including boil-off rate) and lo-and-behold my efficiency jumped about 5 points to ~65%. Remember, too, that BYO magazine, for example, assumes an efficiency of 65%...
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    Is 4.4 cu ft fridge large enough for a 6 gal carboy?

    I'm shopping online for a fridge I can convert to a lagering/fermentation chamber. Is 4.4 cu ft large enough for a big carboy? If not, what size do I need? Space is really difficult to find in my house so I need to be as compact as possible with new brewing equipment. (But while we're at it...
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    Adding more wort to kettle after hot break?

    Thanks for all the input. I appreciate the insight.
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    Adding more wort to kettle after hot break?

    During yesterday's brew session I got distracted before I pulled the 2nd runnings. The 1st runnings had already begun to boil and I got a fine hot break. I then had to add the 2nd runnings which stopped the boil. My questions: how does adding wort to the boil affect hot break? Do later...
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    I just mashed a paper bag

    I accidentally took brew-in-a-bag to a new level. I didn't realize that there was a brown paper bag in the crushed grains I got from the LHBS until I was stirring the mash after dough-in. I thought I got all of it out but I just finished the vorlauf and found myself still picking pieces out...
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    Tannin Flavor

    It's not just what kind of hops you use, but what kind of hops you use. What I mean is that old, stale, oxidized, and/or freezer-burned hops can produce numerous off flavors. For instance, alpha acids are diminished while the astringent, sour aspects of beta acids are intensified as hops...
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    Why does my beer always end up a couple points below BeerSmith Est. FG.

    I use BeerSmith for all of my calculations and I brew about once a week so I have some familiarity with it. I was having exactly the problem OP describes, but only intermittently. I know that a couple of the yeasts have had attenuation numbers that either didn't match those published by their...
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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    I just found a 3 gallon carboy of apfelwine that I started in June of last year. I'm thinking of adding a 1/4 packet of Champagne yeast along with a healthy amount of priming sugar and finally getting it into bottles. I'm also thinking that it's sat too long already on the yeast and I should...
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    California WTT: 12oz bottles for 22 oz bottles in Bay Area

    I have several cases of 12oz bottles, long neck and short neck, all sorted, delabeled, and washed. Want I want are 22oz "bomber" bottles in same condition. I'm thinking 24 of my 12 oz bottles for 12 of your 22 oz bottles? I'm in Berkeley.
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    Kegerator won't cool but compressor runs

    Sorry to resurrect a dead thread but I'm having same problem as OP. All of a sudden there's no more cold. The buzzing continues, sounding as it always has like the compressor is working; the compressor is producing heat though not a lot of it; the thermostat will trigger the compressor to go...
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    Crappy EdgeStar Kegerator quit working in middle of lagering

    First off, I have to say that I'll never buy another EdgeStar appliance again. Their customer service is not only incompetent and self-contradictory, but rude and aggressively frustrating. My kegerator, which I use to lager carboys, has quit working. I was three weeks into a 6 week, 39F lager...