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    It's the end of the world as we know it... what to listen to?

    "we are the champions" queen "Another one bites the dust" queen "Bohemian Rapshurdy" queen "bad romance" lady gaga, just for kicks
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    Placental Beer

    evil twin was Jamil's idea. Sam Calgiones came up with randalling placenta to give you that lip smacking, super fresh pacenta flavor.
  3. Kirbster

    Placental Beer

    Toast the placenta at 350 for 30 minutes will give it a slightly nutty, caramel flavor that will go well with a brown ale. Stir halfway to ensure even toasting of said placenta.
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    Raleigh are brewers - Need advice - opinions

    Fatguy, thanks for the numbers, how did you come by them. I run my water through a carbon shower filter before brewing to remove any chlorine.
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    Whirlfloc tablet. How do you remember?

    check out this app for iphones. has all your additions etc.
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    Saison Farmhouse biere da table

    Wyeast 3725 PC Bier de Garde Low to moderate ester production with subtle spiciness. Malty and full on the palate with initial sweetness. Finishes dry and slightly tart. Ferments well with no sluggishness. Attenuation 74-79% Alc. Tolerance 12%...
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    A wonderful day to brew in MN..

    How did this turn out gravity wise. Did you decide to do the cherry extract?
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    How often do you disassemble your MLT?

    I just rebuilt mine after a year, otherwise it gets a spray with the hose and wiped out clean. If you are worried about keeping it cleaner I have used dish soap on it when it gets a little gunky after a few brews and rinse it out.
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    British Yeasts, Fermentation Temps and Profiles, CYBI, Other Thoughts...

    Ok sat down and read the entire thread and I am amazed on what I learned and excited about brewing an esb here soon. Pretty much locked in what I am going to do, however between the last 28 pages or so I lost track of what was said on open fermentation. Does having an open fermentation help...
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    Kill Devil Saison

    Brewing this again, keeping the recipe the mostly the same as last year. Dropping the aromatic to 4 oz and increasing the malt bill slightly to compensate for the new system. Will steep honey after flame out like last time. Using perle instead of magnum for bittering and took out the 5 min...
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    Raleigh Area Group Grain Buy-Round 4

    Dont feel bad marc, I held the first one up and lo and behold we still go the grain.
  12. Kirbster

    Primary lid tight with air lock or lid just sitting on top??

    Tight with airlock. It will help keep airborne nasties from sneaking in. It was also prevent fruit flies from seeking out your fermenting beer. Be prepared for a blow off though. Just in case.
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    Raleigh Area Group Grain Buy-Round 4

    Its up to whomever you are splitting it with when/how you will split it. I have done 10-12 lbs base grain in a number of my brews, they were higher gravity and I was not being stingy with leftover wort, i.e. leaving .75 gallons left in the kettle after boil. If you are concerned about...
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    Raleigh Area Group Grain Buy-Round 4

    3 at most. 2 being more conservative. Especially if you dont know how much grain it takes or what gravity you want your brew to be.
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    Brau Brothers Ring Neck Braun Ale

    From looking at the link to the picture I realized that their "toasted oats" is actually Simpson golden naked oats. Do a research of these, they look exactly what is in the picture of grain on their website. They do also add a unique flavor contribution as well.