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    Pumpkin Ale Swap (DFH Punkin' Ale)

    smashed pumpkin from shipyard tasted like candy. too sweet for me. saranc did make an amazing one tho.
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    Scalping Beer

    i went a county south of me to the total wine (120 and backwood bastard hunting) and an employee told me that their area only got two cases of cbs. The bar that got one case had a new bartender working when it came in. Some guy ordered one and then asked if he could buy some to go. He got away...
  3. King MF Midas

    The stupidest comment on your beer

    I was at a cook out last night and someone pulled out a bottle of apple pie moonshine. I told the girl sitting next to me that i love homemade stuff. she says she brews beer. to make a long story shot, i'll just list a couple of the things that came out of her mouth. -she uses wild yeast made...
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    What are you drinking now?

    flying dog raging bitch Belgian ipa
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    Dogfish Head Squall IPA

    This is alright fresh but stash it for 4 to 6 months and the sweetness comes down and there is still enough hop, it really gains a lot from bottle fermentation. almost as good as new glarus IIPA. I love this beer new or old but if i'm looking for a hop milkshake i'll get a green flash imperial ipa.
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    Land Shark - A Hoot

    its also the house beer for jimmy buffet's chain of restaurants, thats where the "island" comes from.
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    Dogfish 120?

    The store is kinda crazy to begin with, if you call or walk in and ask for dfh 120 as soon as you walk without looking around they will tell you they are out. They pretty much interview you before they sell you the bottle because they had some kids coming in for the vintage stuff and then turn...
  8. King MF Midas

    Dogfish 120?

    the new batch isn't out yet so you would have to pay the vintage mark up. i think i paid $25 for a 2007 a few months ago at a beer store in the middle of nowhere. The dust on the bottle was free tho.
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    Sierra Nevada Ovila video review. Big glass of meh

    yea it wasn't what i was hoping it would be. I'm gonna throw a couple in my stash and revisit it 6 months down the line.
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    Looking for Founders Breakfast Stout - Willing to Trade

    I'm looking for some kbs. I'm going to dogfish in a few weeks so i'll be able to get a hold of vintage 120 and world wide for trade.
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    What are you drinking now?

    bomber of arrogant bastard
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    Northern VA home brewers get togehter - Cock and Bowl, Occoquan, VA

    lol The Cock is the a quality establishment. Jackie is super friendly. I gotta give them credit for getting me interested in saisons and dubbles.
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    Northern VA home brewers get togehter - Cock and Bowl, Occoquan, VA

    The cock is sick. haven't been since they opened back up.
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    Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

    my home boy in pa said his area only got two cases and his syore was getting one of them. Since he is a hop head i told him to keep it for himself.
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    Before I Dump Out My Stout...

    i tried Guinness when i turned 21. It was actually the first beer i ever ordered while i was of age. I thought it awful and nasty. 5 years later stouts and imperial stouts make up at least half my cellar stash. I can drink Guinness like its water. I love stouts now. keep it and stash it and in a...