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    Man, I love Apfelwein

    Wife and I opened a bomber of this tonight that was bottled in early 2010. Smoooooooth stuff. I bottle carbed this batch and it is perfect. Good thing I have 12 more swing tops from this batch. Love this with some age on it.
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    Help! Brewing Failures again and again

    I was experiencing this same problem (I think...I read through this post pretty fast). My beer got worse the longer it was in the bottle. I see that you use your dishwasher as part of your bottling process. Take that step out and see if it helps. I figured out that this was the cause of my...
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    Is it a dumper?

    This is how my last two batches have been as well. They are really clovey tasting. One almost to the point of dumping. I'm going to try another one from the first batch to see if it is aging out at all. A lot of posters thought that I have an infection as well but I don't see how that is...
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    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    This last batch of the Dead Guy clone is the exact same way....cloves that will knock your head off and it developed a hazy amber color. I secondaried this beer because it was a bigger beer and honestly I couldnt find the time to bottle. By the time I got to it, it was crystal clear. When I...
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    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I will try to answer some of the questions above. The last two beers that have this clove flavor are only my third and fourth batches. My first two did not have any of this flavor present. The only part of my process that has changed is my bottling process. For...
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    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    I have boiled my topoff water for both batches though? Is there something to check in my water that would cause this problem? My tap water tastes fine. It doesnt have a chlorine taste at all?
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    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    I would say clove-y is a perfect description. It is terrible and overpowers everything. I use the Dollar Tree oxygen cleaner powder and StarSan. I am using my tap water as well.
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    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    I used S-05 for the Dead Guy and Wyeast Northwest Ale for the NB EPA.
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    All of my beer tastes like black licorice

    It is really starting to make me mad. I dont know what in the world is causing this problem. The last two beers I have made taste exactly the black licorice. One is the NB extra pale ale and the latest is Yoopers Dead Guy clone (both extract). They taste exactly the same. There...
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    4 lbs of DME and only @ 1.040?

    I did a partial mash. Held @ 156 for 60min. Batch sparged in 175 for 10 min. Then 60 minute boil. Oh well....I guess it is still beer.
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    4 lbs of DME and only @ 1.040?

    There was also: 1 lb flaked barley 1 lb Carapils .75 roasted .5 chocolate
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    4 lbs of DME and only @ 1.040?

    I just brewed an extract version of the O'Flanagain stout in the recipe section. I used 4lbs of XLDME and my OG is only 1.040. Can this be correct? I would think the gravity would have to be higher with that much DME. The temperature of the wort was 75 degrees and I did a 3.5 gallon boil...
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    Brewmasters Warehouse

    Ed- I received my shipment yesterday. I ordered a 5 gallon kettle so I can brew indoors this winter and a PM Pale Ale recipe. Thanks for the fast ship! The brew builder works awesome. I have to admit I was a little confused when I opened the box and there was only one bag of grain though...
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    Looking to Hop up a Northern Brewer Extra Pale Ale Kit

    I am drinking that kit now (or trying to drink it). I stuck to the ingredients in the kit but used the Wyeast Northwest yeast. It was awesome when it was young. Now that it has aged a bit in the bottle it has a huge black licorice flavor. This was my first shot with both that strain of yeast...
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    Black Jelly Bean Beer

    I've got a NB extra pale ale kit that I did about two months ago and the longer it sits the more it starts to taste like black licorice to me. I think it is just the cascade mellowing out and possibly the fruitiness of the wyeast nw yeast. I like the idea of addding sambuca or jäger to a beer...