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    Upcoming brews.....

    Currently brewing a brown ale. Next up is another shot at my quest to make a perfect blonde. Munich dunkel or some type of German lager next. Then I'm going to make a barley wine with orange blossom honey. Right after that I'm making a milk stout which I plan to blend some of it with the...
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    What's a better capper?

    I don't know if I'd still be homebrewing if I still had a wing capper.
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    Heading to Iceland, beer recommendations?

    Radiohead/Music Festival in Iceland in the summer. Sounds epic. Enjoy.
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    What's on your "To Brew List"?

    I cant decide if I want to go back and make some improvements on prior brews or do something new. Feeling like a deer in the headlights right now.
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    My Yeast Starter Predicament

    You could pull some DME for the starter and then add some sugar to replace it. You would have to google to find the numbers but they are out there. Use to figure out how much you need for a starter.
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    Slight oil film a problem?

    I had this same film on my last brew for the first time. It was also the first time I used foam control (mine is from five star.) That is where I assumed it came from.
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    Ideal Beers For S-04

    I made a blonde ale with it. It tastes like hawaiian punch. Lesson learned.
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    Wyeast Yeast Nutrient Blend

    I use it and always over attenuate. I'm not saying it's due to the nutrient but just adding to the MOUNTAIN OF EVIDENCE we are accumulating here :) I also put a pinch in my starter.
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    How can I save money on brew day?

    Look for the RO re-fill water dispensers in your local grocery stores. .25 a gallon here. Just need to save the plastic jugs to re-fill
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    Wyeast 3711 Saison yeast is a beast!

    Welcome to the party:
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    Solar, 12v, Refrigeration, Walk-in

    If you are not a big beer drinker, move down to 2.5-2.75 gallons and then just get a few mini refrigerators and temp controllers. You can fit a 3 gallon carboy in a mini refrigerator.
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    Experimental Brewing podcast Episode 13

    Great interview with Barrett Tillman. Wish I could taste some of the beers he is making. Your new book looks and sounds great. I was looking through the table of contents on amazon and there are a lot of all-stars in there. Will definitely be ordering it.
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    Would you buy "Box Subscription" for homebrewing?

    There really isn't a lot of added value to this product and I think most home brewers like myself don't want to be constrained by a specific beer or time to brew. Most XXXX of the month clubs are offering something you cannot normally get locally or are seasonal in nature. Perhaps if you could...
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    Wyeast 3711 French Saison

    Just took a reading after 10 days of fermenting. Started at 1.048, ended at 1.001. I added sugar due to not finding this thread until post brew. Started at 68 and very slowly moved to 74. I'm not a big Belgian fan and I don't know what possessed me to make this but... I cannot freakin wait...