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  1. kidfromkanada

    Oats to my ale

    o no im not doing any extract brewing its all grain, any way what i think im going to do is make 2 smaller batches and mash one with some oats. Yea Gilaminum i was thinking the same thing but only with beer served on nitro, damn beer is so creamy and smooth, im hoping i can get my beer to...
  2. kidfromkanada

    Oats to my ale

    Has any one threw in like a half pound of oats to there pale ale? what notable impact would there be?
  3. kidfromkanada

    What clarifier is better

    Iv got some Liquid Gelatin and some Isinglass What do you prefer?
  4. kidfromkanada

    The stupidest comment on your beer

    oooooooo i wish it was legal to murder tards, My friends roomate buys old Milwaukee light or something like that because its the cheapest beer, and apparently is the greatest tasting beer. its so funny watching him after every time he takes a swig the look on his face is just hilarious. its...
  5. kidfromkanada

    Munich in my Stout>>>????

    well all things sound pretty good, well as soon as i can find a homebrew store im going to be adding this recipe to the books. should be a good one Thanks all and merry christmas
  6. kidfromkanada

    MY EIS WEISS, I need help

    Thanks for the suggestions, now i have just get my hands on some lager yeast, maybe culture some from a import wheat beer, any who hayyp holidays
  7. kidfromkanada

    Stone Brewing

    THat would be sweet if the Bottled their yeasts lol
  8. kidfromkanada

    MY EIS WEISS, I need help

    I just got to bottling my First AG, :fro: its a Hefe-Weizen. Any way I missed My OG by a bit, but its gona be good beer. So I ran out of clean sanitized bottles.(Friends took them for coors cash) Any way I was left with about 1 gallon of wort left in my bottling bucket. I didnt feel like...
  9. kidfromkanada

    Munich in my Stout>>>????

    Thank you for the info Jack Going on what you put forward I think I'll use 30% Munich 35%Pale 25%Flaked Barley 10% Roasted Barley, Im also going to do a decoction mash to help this beer out a bit, and make it a little more old fashioned, which I like, and got plenty of time to do.(damn i need a...
  10. kidfromkanada

    Munich in my Stout>>>????

    I have some Irish Ale yeast around and am gona do a Irish red then jump a Stout on top of my yeast. I was thinking about Changing the Guiness recipe with Munich instead of the Pale malt. Should i adjust and add more roasted malt to this? Thanks all, enjoy the holidays:rockin:
  11. kidfromkanada

    Have you done open fermentation??

    Does any body out there often use open fermentation? Im brewing a wheat beer this weekend and was thinking of doing the classic open fermentation. Do you have a special box built? Super clean room? Or should i just stick with a blow off tube? thanks brew strong
  12. kidfromkanada

    Help with my wheat beer

    This is my first written recipe, im a lover of Hefe's and like to experiment, my biggest question is am i a little out of balance with my malt and hops?? and should i do a single or a double decoction mash? batch size 5.5G, 11 pounds grain, SG 1.055? decoction mash, maybe a double Bavarian...