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    how about a meme generator thread...

    map projection to upset americans:
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    hilma likes to pose too, when we decided to get her, there were no good rescues available and we were set on a certain type of dog(spitz), so we found a relatively local lady who did shows with her keeshonden and was having puppies for the next "generation", if there were more than 2 in the...
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    Craft Breweries Not Dating Their Product

    In the EU, packing date and best before date have to be on the packaging, even with beer where it wouldn't matter(I snagged a bunch of cantillon bottles at the local alco store at a massive discount because "they were going bad".....
  4. Kharnynb

    Those in colder climates, how do you brew?

    I actually use the fact that my cellar is a tad too cool for fermenting by adding an aquarium heater to my water bucket.
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    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    Have you guys tried mangrove jack yeasts or are they harder to get in the US? I really like their m20 and m21 wheat beer yeasts, much better than lallemand or fermentis dry yeast for wheat beers. And anyone who claims they can taste the difference between dry and wet yeast of the same strain is...
  6. Kharnynb

    Should I try with the dry (yeast that is)

    I use tons of dry yeast, only really use liquid for sours as I haven't found a good dry yeast for that. favourites include the usuals(nottingham, us-05 and w34/70) as well as some of mangrove jack's strains(m20 wheat, m47 abbay)
  7. Kharnynb

    Most overrated beer

    I guess i've never had "old/imported" heineken, I don't buy it here in finland and if I visit my parent's in NL, it's mostly in restaurants that I might get a pint with food if they have nothing decent on tap.
  8. Kharnynb

    Those in colder climates, how do you brew?

    i used to brew 5 gallon batches on a stovetop kettle, it worked fine most of the time with the occasional overboil accident. Switched to a 230v 2500W system after 1 year for ease of use, also those basic "teaurn" style systems are so cheap nowadays it's almost not worth going for a normal...
  9. Kharnynb

    Carbonating in a 15 litre drum, instead of bottles 🤔

    from a safety point of view, if you don't carbonate too heavily sure. from a mess point of view, you're gonna be cleaning a lot of spray and foam from things with the kind of taps that are normal for those...
  10. Kharnynb

    Most overrated beer

    how do you loathe heineken, it is at worst a rather inoffensive macro lager, it's worst quality a lack of any real character.
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    Delta Brewing Systems 14 Gallon FermTank Giveaway!

    that looks amazing, count me in!
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    how about a meme generator thread...

    @Jayjay1976 blue is "pro" line, so less weird functions, better internals(usually). Green is consumer, tends to have plastic gears and more excessive gadgets.
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    how about a meme generator thread...

    heh, as a finnish person, we still do this every november, because even the best "3 peak" non-studded winter tires aren't as good as a proper studded winter tire