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  1. Kelly13A

    Cool whip cooler turned kegerator

    Nice! how did you do the lid? What type of hinges did you go with? Just curious, applying hinges is my last step.
  2. Kelly13A

    Cool whip cooler turned kegerator

    Figured it was about time to share my project. I received an old cool whip cooler from a friend and the flat glass lid had been broken. The guy had been using it as a meat cooler on his porch until his son broke the glass door. So it was time to start its third life as a kegerator. First step...
  3. Kelly13A

    Low OG on pilsner

    Hmm, I hope you both are right. I've only recently starting taking gravity readings and both times it has been very low for OG, but they have both been extract brews and not shaken or stirred before, and the beer didn't turn out bad, but I can't say I've every made an exceptionally strong...
  4. Kelly13A

    Low OG on pilsner

    brewed my first pilsner today. I poured the cooled wort into my fermenter and added just a bit more water to bring it up to 5 gallons, turns out I added it just a bit past 5 gallons. I took a gravity reading at 62 degrees F before adding the yeast starter, the OG reading was 1.02, which is way...
  5. Kelly13A

    Easy-Peasy (no glue) Keezer Build with lots of pics

    I love the color stain you used on the pine, I'm hoping the collar I built turns out looking that great!