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    Direct fired RIMS question

    There shouldn't really be any trapped air in there, unless your recirc gets stuck, or maybe if the wort under the FB starts to boil. I dough in and wait about 10 min, then start recirculating. Once the grainbed is set, I run the recirc at nearly full speed with my March 809 pump, and fire up...
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    about 50L stainless steel keg being stainless or not

    not quite. Martensitic stainless is magnetic. That's why stainless kitchen knives stick on to those magnetic knife holders. Keg are "typically" austensitic, however, so the change of magnet sticking to a stainless keg are quite low, though not impossible.
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    Thermometer/Brewpot Question

    A Blichmann brewmometer or similar might fit the bill. Blichmann has 2 types. One screws into a fitting like you have, and the other is "weldless" which is made to seal to a hole just drilled in a pot. The screw-in model is a 1/2" NPT thread, so if you really have a 3/4" port, you may...
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    unorthodox bottling methods

    Sorta... fill it with water, plug it and attach air or CO2 line. submerge it in a tub of water and pressurize. when it finally breaks, you'll just get a couple broken pieces drifting to the bottom of the tub of water. No explosion, no shrapnel.
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    FlyGuy's T-siphon: a $3 replacement for an autosiphon

    Put your hose clamp about 2" from the T. Once the wort/beer flows past the T, suck enough wort/beer into the 3rd hose to reach the clamp and clamp through the wort/beer. The only exposure to air will be the 1/4-1/2oz in the 3rd hose that will be dumped/flushed out when you rinse/clean the...
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    Keg Lube Alternatives

    You can get it in the plumbing section at home depot in little flip top containers. They've got the regular old yellow plumbing grease, as well as the silicone though, so don't get them mixed up. The silicone stuff is a much smaller container than the traditional plumbing grease, and about 2...
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    Better Bottles & PBW

    Interesting. I've got a very nice, very heavy steel pan that was at one time teflon coated, but is now pretty scratched up. I've often thought about putting a wire brush on a grinder and knocking out the teflon to use it as a plain steel pan. Me thinks I have an little 'speerment to do...