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    How do you store your bottles?

    So I had this same question lately, and looked for good durable crates. It does seem like milk crates are the best option. My new question is, how many 12 ounce bottles fit in your standard 13x19 milk crate, and how well do they fit?
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    Black Tree Label

    Ohh very nice, and I like the subtle color changes for the different styles.
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    Stuck fermentation or high final gravity?

    Ok thank you everybody for the help, I really do appreciate all the input I can get. It's off the floor on the basement, so I guess for now I'll swirl up as much yeast as I can and wait longer. If it's not any closer by Saturday (earliest I can get to the LHBS) I'll pitch another packet. I'll...
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    Stuck fermentation or high final gravity?

    It was 60L, but I thought that was just the color. And no I pitched the yeast two weeks ago, and it had great fermentation the first few days. I guess the only thing I can do is wait.
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    Stuck fermentation or high final gravity?

    Grains: 5oz. crystal 3oz. chocolate 6lbs. Extra Light DME Bittering: 1.25oz. Fuggles .5oz. East Kent Goldings Aroma Hops: .5 oz. East Kent Goldings Yeast used was dry "Nottingham" which i've used before in another recipe that turned out fine. Nothing out of the ordinary as far as the recipe...
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    Stuck fermentation or high final gravity?

    The temp is usually right about 65 in my basement, and the warmest i saw on the "fermometer" was 68 or 69. I guess I'll give it a quick stir and wait a few more days. If its still high I'll just bottle it and hope for the best. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as long as the airlock has been on the...
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    Stuck fermentation or high final gravity?

    Ahhh sorry, the original was 56, which was slightly higher than the 51-53 that the recipe said it would be. That was after mixing it really well. Also, fermentation went really well at the beginning.
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    Stuck fermentation or high final gravity?

    So this is my sixth batch, and the previous 5 have all gone really well, no problems. They've all been extract with specialty grains. However, this latest batch should have a final gravity of 1.015 based on the recipe, and my reading after two weeks (today) is 1.022. I also took a reading on...
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    Hefe secondary question

    I've been using 4.5 to 5 oz. of corn sugar and have never had a problem.
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    Crimson Ale

    I like that a lot. Simple, great colors, not cluttered. You brewed enough of it to drink it each game?
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    Where the Bejebus do you get your Bottles?

    Getting bottles was the easiest part for me. Drinking two cases between myself and my roommates in the month that the beer is in the fermenter....not a problem.
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    First Beer and First Label

    Here's the updated label, and new neck label/general logo. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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    Whats the Next step

    The first step I took from doing kits was to go to recipes. I'm still doing extract, no PM or AG. It's a baby step, sure, the only added task being to weigh everything out yourself. I think it helped me to appreciate the different grains and ingredients and get a feel for how they affect the...
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    American Cream Ale

    The desire to be a part of the process, why should the yeast have all the fun?
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    Any way to tell if beer is carbonating in bottles?

    So when the yeast are out of food, it'll be harder to agitate them off of the bottom?