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    Growth in Wine

    You said it was clear when you received it, but I have my doubts. Even "clear" looking wine can drop some dust and clump; its the reason we decanters in the first place. A good way to tell is to shine a flashlight through it. If you see much of the beam at all, its not really clear, and will...
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    Simple easy answer question

    Just to add, I've read that Lalvin 71B works well for its ability to reduce some of the acid in the blackberries. I made a batch last year with KV 1112 and I love it. I started another batch this summer with the 71B; while I can't yet comment on the finished product, so far it tastes great.
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    Wine Newbie Wants to Make a Merlot

    I have the same kit; I started mine in March. It is still clearing, but it looks delicious. I do not plan to bottle until after Christmas, I've got to many in the pipeline before then. Maybe we can compare. Notes next year!
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    do I need to dump my apfelwein?

    why dump it? I would rack it, give it a dose of campden, and let it continue to age. Remember, a lot of bottles come with a worm included :) They couldn't be that bad.
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    The straight dope on degassing kits?

    5 inches of relative vacuum will not even get you started! It may seem like quite a bit, but you can get 5 inches of vacuum with your mouth and a hose. ( I know, but I'm being serious! :ban: ) I usually don't see bubbles until 10-15 inches, and they don't really roll out like you'd see in the...
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    Connecting two minis together for ferm chamber

    Each fan will produce about 3 watts of heat.
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    Show us your bottled wine.

    Haha, well played!
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    Alabama Homebrew Legislation 2013

    No idea. I've been trying to get the audio stream in linux for a few minutes, VLC cant seem to see it.
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    Hydrating dry yeast

    i would give it some time to see what happens.
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    Hydrating dry yeast

    You may have left it too long before using it. It's really only supposed to be rehydrated for ~15 minutes before use. Leaving it alone for a few days may have done more damage than pitching it in dry.
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    Campden for Bottling Apfelwein

    The dose rate for killing wild yeast initially is 1 tablet per gallon, but that is before the yeast are even introduced. I don't think you need that much at bottling to prevent oxidation. I'd go with about a quarter tablet in about 20 ml of warm water at most. Otherwise it will probably be...
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    never give advice about losing weight...

    Yeah, I would say the same thing. Going "on" a diet is much different than "changing" a diet. I feel like only the latter will ever make a long term difference. I'm still finding that it's much harder to lose those last 10 lbs, because the incentive shrinks. At 230, it's easy to be all like...
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    Connecting two minis together for ferm chamber

    I would think you would either have to have two ducts (side by side arrangement) so that there is a cold air return, or have one duct and stack them, so that the cold air sinks down to the bottom one. Either one probably will not work as well as you think. I would imagine that those are...
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    never give advice about losing weight...

    I know the feeling. Just after college a few years ago I started eating better, exercising, and lost all the fast food weight I had gained over the previous 5 years. I felt hungry pretty much every day for a year or more, but I stuck with it, and lost around 60 lbs over the course of two...