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    Brewing Newbie

    Welcome to the clan! Glad to hear your first brew was a success, :ban: Here's to many more! :rock: Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
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    Secondary Fermentation....How Important is it?

    @Babbotts I used to do the "secondary" ferment long ago. As some may point out there really isn't a second ferment unless you add more fermentabls, aka fruit, honey. etc. after the "primary" fermentation. A lot of the older recipes tell you to transfer to "secondary" after so many days. The...
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    Northern Brewer closed?

    This made me LOL!. Some folks might say relax, ya got nothing else to do right? Right. that's why I would like my beer making stuff, I got nothing else to do!! :cask::rock::p:ghostly: Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
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    Dumb question of the day

    Hey every body, Did you read the thread title? "Dumb question of the day". It was really more of a joke than any thing. If you watched my brew day (only a couple of hours actually cuz I cheat and brew with extract) and thought I was worrying about the thimble worth of foamy StarSan water...
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    Dumb question of the day

    Jeebus, I knew it was a dumb question but... OK, my thinking is> No rinse, don't fear the foam, RIGHT? The foam is water + StarSan, RIGHT? My water has clorine in it, see where I'm going with this? Cheers, Joel B. Thanks @Sammy86 for the link, if I read that right the answer is that it's OK and...
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    Dumb question of the day

    I know that. Question is about if you need to dechlorinate the StarStan water. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
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    Dumb question of the day

    Valid question. I don't have have one of those hi-falutin ph testing gizzmos. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
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    Dumb question of the day

    If you use/need campden tabs in your brewing water, do/should you also add it to your StarStan mix? And your reasoning is ... Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
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    Northern Brewer closed?

    They probably wouldn't have moved to Mpls. even if they didn't. Yeah this. I'm used to a 3 day order to open the box from NB/MS. After the AIH acquisition things went south. My last order was 10 working days and that was after I made a couple of emails just wondering (and maybe a little...
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    Sanitized with clorox bleach but didn’t rinse

    I'd let it go, If it's fermenting it's going to make beer. It's quite possible it could turn out A-OK. In my past life, I used bleach 100% of the time for cleaning and sanitizing, never tossed a batch. I am going to go back to using it again for some things, it's not the devil some make it out...
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    Did Northern Brewer Purchase Austin Homebrew AND/OR Adventures in Brewing?

    It really makes no difference who owns NB/MS/AIH/AHS to me. As long as the price and service are acceptable to the buyer (me) that's the deal. I actually emailed "AIH" today and asked what the "order to ship" time was. The answer was 7-10 days. "I" find that unacceptable, not this day and age...
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    calibrating anvil scale Prolly cheaper to send it back and eat the shipping unless you also need a door stop around the place. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
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    calibrating anvil scale

    If you are actually re-calibrating, yes you need to add what the unit is expecting, (ie. 50lbs.) If you are just checking it you can use any known weight to to make sure it weight correctly. Most scales are best spanned (calibrated) with 75-100% of scale capacity (there are exceptions) but can...
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    Advanced extract brewing

    I have a "I'm just wondering" question. Does color = flavor? By that I mean, if have what I feel is the right color extracted, will the flavor be "as expected" also? Are they one in the same or occurring at different times during the steep? Cheers, :mug: Joel B.
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    Lalbrew Kveik Voss dry yeast - starter?

    Sorry but I can't help with that at all. I am not a fan of hoppy beers at all so I don't make them. Hopefully someone with that experience will chime in and offer an opinion. Cheers, :mug: Joel B.