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  1. jyda

    Counter too much lactic acid with baking soda

    The pickling lime was decidedly less salty in taste. It actually made quite a nice difference. While not ideal it certainly was much more drinkable EDIT: seems less soluble than banking soda however
  2. jyda

    Counter too much lactic acid with baking soda

    Hmm I really like the idea of using Bru'N Water to get me in the ballpark then do a really small test batch to refine. I thought I was making it easy by using DI/RO water but I seem to be struggling still. My meter being a bit unreliable hasn't helped much. I guess it's time to get a better...
  3. jyda

    Counter too much lactic acid with baking soda

    That sounds familiar from my last chemistry class 15 years ago... getting old I guess. When you do your tests for a new grist to figure out what adjustments need to be made for pH, how do you do it? Just a super small batch or do you do a different procedure?
  4. jyda

    Counter too much lactic acid with baking soda

    Hi all, I have been dealing with a rather unpredictable (unstable?) pH meter lately as I work to refine my water adjustments. In my last batch I think I've added too much lactic acid as there's a slight, but noticeable, sourness on the tongue. In a fit of desperation I added a very small...
  5. jyda

    Vienna / Summit SMaSH

    If I concentrated and looked for it, it was there. It wasn't anything overpowering or distracting but because the grain bill was not very complex I imagine it did nothing to hide it. Also, the fact that there was only an ounce in there, and not a massive amount like an IPA, probably contributed...
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    Belgian Triple
  7. jyda

    Sam Adams

    +1 I really liked it. First beer I've tried with juniper berries and really piqued my interest.
  8. jyda

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Beautiful. Id like to see more pics, I'm thinking of moving to a full 3 vessel system. Edit: your linked thread is what I was looking for! I'm using BrewTroller as well which is a large part my wanting to upgrade to 3 full vessels. Thanks for posting some inspirational material :)
  9. jyda

    Show us your sculpture or brew rig

    Upgraded to some Blichmann pots
  10. jyda

    pH Help. Lactic Acid.

    Doh. Very good point, welcome words of wisdom.
  11. jyda

    pH Help. Lactic Acid.

    +1. Though I would say step one is to get a pH meter, step two is to read the pH calibration sticky, step 3 the water chemistry primer sticky. ;)
  12. jyda

    Hot Break / CaCl2 additions

    An interesting side note. As I have been working to get my mash pH in the right area, and taking boil pH (15 mins into boil) as well as hot break, I've notices the closer I get to a proper mash pH the closer to under 5.3 boil pH and a very noticeable difference in hot break. My mot recent...
  13. jyda

    Help needed with "Mash in, Mash out and fly sparge"

    I don't fly sparge so my advice my be off and I hope a more experienced brewer will chime in. 3 gallons of sparge seems low to me. If I were you, I would mash as you are, direct fire to mash out (168 F), then fly sparge until your runnings are 1.0xx or pH is x instead of volume. A more...
  14. jyda

    Rubber Stopper submerged in Freshly Pitched Wort

    Queue Revvy to drop a "do not throw beer away link" ;) Glad it turned out for the best. It's interesting to see that even something like a rubber taste can age out. Thanks for the update.