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    4 Keg System For Sale

    I have taken quite a big step back from brewing over the years and with kids running around, just don't have the time for it anymore. With that I'm looking to sell my 4 keg setup. Below is the craigslist link for the system and the information about it. I am in the KC area, but I will be able...
  2. JWS

    Kenmore 8.8 Sizing

    Wondering for anyone who can answer, can a Kenmore 8.8 cuft fit four ball locks on the floor and a carboy for cold crashing on the hump? Thanks to anyone who can answer.
  3. JWS

    Haier 7.1 cu ft freezer for $175 at Costco

    What size buckets? I have one now, but not as Keezer but as actual freezer since the other one broke down. I have the 7.9 gallon bucket and I doubt two would be able to fit on the floor, one could fit on floor and one of hump. But I do not have the 6.5 size bucket so I could not tell you if...
  4. JWS

    PID for Boil Question

    Alright, I'm getting ready to start setting up my E-HERMS system. Currently I am using propane so slowly buying everything for the electric system. I currently have a 50amp breaker running to my garage for the brewing. I have a question on PID's for the system. I know I will need to use...
  5. JWS

    Haier 7.1 cu ft freezer for $175 at Costco

    Thanks the would be awesome. I can take in cut out circles, but when it comes down to sizing it up its best to size with the actual bottles I found.
  6. JWS

    Haier 7.1 cu ft freezer for $175 at Costco

    Looking to do this setup with a collar and putting 4 ball locks on the floor, but I would also like to use the hump to lager/cold crash before kegging. Does anyone know if this is big enough or if putting the 6 gallon better bottle would push the limit over the edge?
  7. JWS

    Keg taken off CO2 and returned to room temp

    What pressure should I store it at? I had it in the Keezer at 40 at 11 PSI, do I need to worry about what pressure it is at once it gets to room temp for the storage?
  8. JWS

    1.7 cf minifridge fermentation chamber

    I built a chamber (minus fridge size) of about 24" across and just tall enough to get the bucket fermenter inside with the airlock on it (7 gallon bucket). It works great. I use the aquarium temp controller in the DIY section that a lot of people have done. It holds perfectly for an...
  9. JWS

    Building new Fermentation/Kegerator/Refridgerator Plan...need help

    BUELLER??? Anybody know whether it is better to cool at the bottom of the chamber and fan air up or cool at the top of the chamber and still push the air around with a fan? My original thought was it would be easier to build with the freezer on the bottom, but after looking in the...
  10. JWS

    Keg taken off CO2 and returned to room temp

    Getting ready to redo my keezer into a kegerator and while doing this I will have to take the kegs off the CO2 to mount all the hardware up into the new Kegerator. Possibly at longest maybe a week to get everything done. Wondering if this mess the current beer up if I were to take it off the...
  11. JWS

    Building new Fermentation/Kegerator/Refridgerator Plan...need help

    Need some help with an idea that has been running around in my head for a while. With too many tools in the garage my space is running out for my keezer and my fermentation chamber to be seperate. I have been kicking around the idea of building a Fermentation/Kegerator/and a refridgerator...
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  13. JWS

    Brewing with Brett? Saison?

    Can't say that I have actually used it but Boulevard Brewing here in KC has a limited edition Saison Brett which is exactly what you are talking about. For your reference it is AWWWWESOME. But sorry can't help on when or how to add it, but it has been done and it is very good.
  14. JWS

    Bass pro 60 qrt aluminum pot

    It is a good pot. The lid is a little lightweight, but definately helps to get up to full boil quickly. The faucet isn't that great. I replaced with a ball valve and diptube so I can just open it up and let it go, works great.
  15. JWS

    Bass pro 60 qrt aluminum pot

    I use the exact same pot, have for all but the first few beers I made. Works perfectly. Don't know if you are planning to do BIAB, but that's what I planned on doing first and the basket works perfectly to do BIAB on this pot. Just do like TopherM said and boil water in it at first to build...